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Grand Activation Extreme HGA-6000 AC Cord by Clement Perry

April 19, 2024

                                                                       [Read More]

The Entreq Konstantin 09 Cables, Page 2

November 1, 2023

Getting Down to Listening My listening room is 23’ wide by 20’ deep with 8’ high ceilings and a concrete floor covered with a Berber carpet. My equipment sits in a massive audio/video cabinet (104” [Read More]

QSA Lanedri Infinity series Ultimatum Speaker Cables

September 19, 2023

  Music playback has been special around these parts since I took a leap of faith and auditioned a mere fuse. The QSA’s exquisite sounding series of fuses has been perhaps the most impactful and [Read More]

ALBEDO Metamorphosis Interconnects and Gravity III AC cords by Moreno Mitchell

August 13, 2023

    Getting my thoughts together took a while before I transferred pen to paper for this review. As I thought before I took on this project, “not another cable review.” My objective is not [Read More]

The QSA Lanedri Gamma AC cord by Rob Dockery

August 3, 2023

    If you’re reading this on ST, you’ve probably heard about QSA products. If you’re a hobbyist who frequents audiophile forums, you may have stumbled upon spirited discussions of the QSA fuses. I will [Read More]

ArgentPur 13) speaker cables

March 6, 2023

  If you’re looking for speaker cables, the market is up to its proverbial neck with silver-plated offerings. I know, having searched plenty for cables of all sorts and returned red-eyed and exhausted. That’s where [Read More]

Synergistic Research – Atmosphere Euphoria SX AC Cords & Speaker Cables by Bill Wells

January 9, 2023

As a frequent user of Synergistic Research (SR) cables, I received an invitation earlier this year from Andy Wiederspahn, Vice President of Operations at SR, Wiederspahn. He asked if I wanted to check out their [Read More]

NanoFlo Superconductor Holographic 3D6 AC Cord by Mike Girardi

November 19, 2022

              The Shot Heard Round the Audio Cable World My recent contact with Christopher Arnold of Enterprise Coatings, Inc. concerning NanoFlo Superconductor (NS) Holographic 3D6 AC power cables wasn’t [Read More]

Hemingway Audio Z-core Beta Cables: The follow-up by Mike Wright

September 12, 2022

    It’s been ten years since I was first exposed to Hemingway Audio cables. In March 2012, Dave Thomas reviewed the Hemingway Audio Prime Signature cables. At that time, or shortly after, I was [Read More]

Kharma International’s Exquisite Speaker Cables and AC Cords

August 17, 2022

  Coming from across the big pond and branded as “Dutch Masterpieces Handcrafted in the Netherlands,” these products arrived in two sturdy shipping boxes with additional inner support and protection. They were designed to withstand [Read More]

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