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WireWorld Equinox III Interconnects

August 5, 1999

WireWorld Equinox III Interconnects   Frank Alles 5 August 1999 Specifications InterconnectOutside to Inside:Clear PVCBlack and Red TextileTeflon Wrap85 Polymer-Coated Grain-Optimized™ Copper StrandsMicroporous Teflon ®85 Polymer-Coated Grain-Optimized™ Copper StrandsPolypropylene CoreRetail price: $150 US / 1m [Read More]

Harmonic Tech Versus the Tweakerholic?

June 10, 1999

Harmonic Tech Versus the Tweakerholic?   Marhsall Nack 10 June 1999 Specifications Pro-Silway 7N single-crystal silver 1 meter RCA terminated interconnect cables, $399.00/pr.7N single-crystal silver 1 meter XLR balanced interconnect cables, $439.00/pr.Additional per 1 meter [Read More]

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