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IKIGAI audio Kangai series cables by Barrie Martins

August 28, 2020

IKIGAI audio Kangai series cables: The New Norm Stay at home and, if not, keep your social distance. Wear a mask, and meet via a video chat on Zoom. While we are all suffering through [Read More]

Sunshine Audio Cables

July 20, 2020

    I’ve always been able to hear the sonic differences in audio cables. As my system improved over the years, I’ve found myself seeking cables with higher fidelity, only limited by my wallet. Cables [Read More]

AudioQuest William Tell ZERO Speaker Cables and Water Interconnects by Greg Simmons

June 19, 2020

A Preamble Note to Readers Friends – As of this writing, all Western Pennsylvania is under a “Stay-At-Home” order during the second week of May. It’s almost certain you are experiencing something similar wherever you live. [Read More]

ESP Essence Reference II Power Cord and Essence Reference II Power Distributor

February 6, 2020

     I have a good friend named Danny who has an excellent sounding system. In fact, Danny has one of the best sounding analog based systems of anyone I know. At AXPONA 2018, Danny [Read More]

Dynamique Audio Zenith 2 and Halo 2 cables

January 18, 2020

  Christmas arrived earlier than expected this year, thanks to an email request I received from audio designer Daniel Hassany. Hassany offered ST writers a chance to listen to products from his relatively new cable company Dynamique [Read More]

Hemingway Audio Z-Core Beta series cables

December 14, 2019

It was an eye opening experience when I had to personally discover what the Hemingway Audio cables sounded like. Reviews here at ST date back over 10 years ago so while our a few writers [Read More]

Dynamique Audio Tempest 2 Cables

December 10, 2019

Dynamique Audio, hailing from the U.K., began in 2009 with very different aims from the norm often seen in the high-end audio industry. Their website contains a plethora of useful information covering the company’s philosophy, [Read More]’s Ziggy “Cheetah” MK II AC Power Cord

October 12, 2019

  I can’t say I knew about Ziggy prior to this review… and I’m not sure I know much more after digging into Ziggy at his site but you gotta love a guy who [Read More]

Synergistic Research – Atmosphere X Euphoria AC Powercords, Speaker Cables (Level 3) and Reference Ethernet Cable

September 24, 2019

  2018 was a particularly interesting and revelatory year for me whereas my reviewing activities included various types of cable products – specifically power cords, speaker and power conditioning units. For me – the insights gained [Read More]

Absolue Creations

April 21, 2019

One day, as I was leaving an exhilarating listening session at Clement Perry’s house, I fortuitously found myself with a couple of large shiny boxes in my hands and the words “play with these and see what [Read More]

Dynamique Audio (61)DR Acoustics (77)Origin Live (58)

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