Theta Digital Unveils High Performance Carmen DVD/CD Transport

Theta Digital Unveils High Performance Carmen DVD/CD Transport
For Immediate Release
8 August 2000

Third-Generation Technology Powers Superb Audio and Video Capabilities

AGOURA HILLS, CA, —Theta Digital, long acclaimed as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital audio and video products, proudly introduces the Carmen DVD/CD Transport, a fresh, new design inspired by third-generation DVD technology.

Unlike lesser transports, the Carmen can handle digital audio at 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz with resolutions of 16, 20, and 24 bits. In addition, it incorporates an advanced drive mechanism with dual lasers—650 nm for DVD and 780 nm for CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and Video CD—making it completely compatible with just about any disc available today.

Theta’s drive mechanism includes special low-jitter digital servo circuits that control motor speed, laser tracking, and focus—and automatically selects the proper laser for the type of disc being played. The drive also uses sophisticated parametric statistical analysis to correct errors caused by fingerprints, dust, and disc warping. Theta’s advanced design yields exceptional readout precision and keeps errors at an absolute minimum.

Newly developed audio and video circuits are completely separate from each other, preventing cross talk interference from compromising the quality of either circuit. Separate low-jitter crystal oscillators for video and audio signals allow these signals to be processed independently, further reducing unwanted interaction. In addition, all data is buffered, re-clocked, corrected for timing errors, and realigned before being output—an exacting process that removes all artifacts from the signals. Further isolation is provided by multiple transformers and highly filtered and regulated power supplies, which include integral RF suppression.

Digital video signals are converted to analog with a 10-bit/27 MHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Then the signals are filtered and sent to ultra high-speed output buffers. The result is exquisite picture quality—clear, color-balanced, and finely detailed.

Video outputs include Component (Y, Cr, Cb on BNC connectors), two S-video, and two Composite (RCA and BNC). The audio outputs include PCM Only (RCA) and PCM/DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 (RCA, BNC, XLR). An optical output (AT&T or Laser Linque) is also available as an option.

Optional Digital-Video & UltraSync Progressive (480p) Outputs

Users possessing an outboard video processor with digital inputs, can also equip the Carmen with an optional digital-video output (also known as a 4:2:2 output), which keeps the signal in the digital domain and prevents the inevitable degradation that occurs during multiple conversions from digital to analog and back again. This option will especially enhance the picture quality on flat-panel plasma screens and digital video projectors, which perform best when fed a pure digital signal.

Also available for the Carmen is Theta’s UltraSync progressive output (480p), which deinterlaces the signal in the digital domain before it is converted to analog. This option is superior to most external line doublers because the signal isn’t subjected to multiple conversions, and Theta’s design offers excellent performance using the finest technology and hardware available. The output is available in both Component and RGB formats with sync outputs for sync on green, horizontal, vertical, and composite.

The Carmen is available at a suggested price of $3,000, in stylish ebony or platinum.

For additional information, see Theta’s Web site at

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