The Talons Are Not Just Evolutionary — They Are Revolutionary

The Talons Are Not Just Evolutionary — They Are Revolutionary
Greg Petan
29 March 2002

Clement is right – the audio industry needs another loudspeaker like a moose needs a hat rack (good one Clement!). I have seen so many new speaker companies come and go, listened to some, liked a few and purchased none. Despite their valiant efforts, to these ears, there was nothing revolutionary about the products.

The Talons are not just evolutionary — they are revolutionary. While I agree in total with Clements assessments and praise of the Khorus X, the thing that ultimately has me in their grip is the Khorus’ ability to play any and all types of music at any volume level you wish with equal aplomb. There is nothing this speaker can’t do at least as well or better, make that much better, than just about anything out there, regardless of price. I cant’ tell you how many times an audiophile will make excuses for his speakers even before he hits play. “These speakers really don’t do deep bass, but pay attention to the space around the third trombonist in the tenth row………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And just watch their bodies stiffen like a board when you make a move for the volume knob!

The Talons are cause for no excuses. When some one comes over to listen, I simply hit play. No one who has experienced the system has left with anything but a look of astonishment on his or her face; some have even been converted into high-end believers. These relatively small 2.5 way speakers, when accompanied with the Rock 2 sub, fill every nook and cranny of my 3500sq ft space with completely un-restricted dynamics and zero shift in timbre. As I recall, Clement actually left my home a bit queasy as a result of the snarling and explosive bass extension and high spl.’s. Now that’s what I call fun! And fun with music is what the Talons are all about.


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