Munich High End 2017: The CP Report


Once again, Munich, Germany (Bavaria’s capital), served as home sweet home for the 36th annual High End show. Fortunately,  back in 2003, I was lucky to have attended the very last High End show held in the Kempinski Hotel in Frankfurt, before the High End offficially moved to the Munich Order Center in 2004 (herein MOC). This has given me a certain perspective, particularly with respect to witnessing (year after year), how well-organized and well-thought-out this event continues to demonstrate. I’ve not attended every show on the horizon, nor do I intend to, but if there’s a SHOW of shows, a show that choose to NOT miss, then the High End has to be that SHOW. 

This year’s High End boasted the most attendence in its 36 year history! This included: 

• 538 exhibitors from 44 countries (+ 4%)

• Increasing visitor numbers, totaling 21,412 visitors (+ 10%)

• 8,002 trade visitors from 78 countries (+ 13%)

Of course, like all these type events – if you’ve attended as many as I have – all of a sudden, can become old or even 
blasé. Yes, even a show of this size and magnitude. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened to me yet due to fact there is just so much to explore. After listening to one of these new manufacturers boasting specs and whatever else; by the time you look up, half the day has gone by and you’ve not made it anywhere. In addition to that, there’s a host of other venues popping up on the outskirts of Munich from manufacturers who either haven’t been able to get into the MOC or simply chose not to. As a result, I was constantly given invitations to visit their hotel. I honored a few of these invitations and based on what I saw and heard, am really glad I did.


Lastly, I once again purchased a rent-a-car, this time an Audio A4 2.0 liter diesel-fed wagon. Surprisingly, the odometer showed I traveled 301 miles when I returned it back at the airport. My guess was all those remote locations I traveled back and forth to outside the MOC (which also included travel to my hotel which was located about 3 miles from the MOC. This really padded up on the mileage. I swear, after traveling 301 miles, the gas tank showed I was just a hair under a half-tank! WHAT? I was, and still am, partially shell-shocked by how far one can travel in one of these diesel-fed vehicles.  


A BIG thanks goes out to the upbeat Renata Paxa, who handles all press related issues here at the High End show. 


No matter how much I try, I simply cannot get used to all these Mercedes Benz taxis. 


There were nearly 3,000 people who represented the press at this year’s show and it showed. 


Always wondered how they made all the cool signage. Especially considering all this stuff is only up for four days. 

Taiko audio.jpg


A blast from the old days…Nice touch.


Various tweaks from all over the globe, like the High End Novum PMR MkII (above), decorated the spacious convention center-like space located on the ground floor.



I’m only in it for the music! 


While the sound of Four Saxess reminded us that nothing really comes close to live, there were plenty of opportunities to suspend your beliefs….


For example the Mag Lev Audio levitation turntable!


I’ve no idea what the claim to fame on this Acoustic Signature ‘table is – except it’s BIG!

Look at the size of these woofers!


And BIG seemed to be the hit at this year’s show! Jurgen Scheuring of Ascendo Audio loudspeakers was showing off his new home theater subwoofer ($50k). Woof, woof!  

Silbatone 532x92.jpg

next-page ref_1.jpg

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