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In January 2012, I wrote of my first experience using Jorma Design Unity Interconnects and speaker cables.  I was so impressed with these Swedish-made cables that they have become my new reference cables since then.  Unfortunately, when I reviewed the Jorma cables, the Unity AC cord wasn’t available for a review because it was still in design phase. At the time, I wondered what the Unity AC cords would have brought to their excellent sounding cables and interconnects.  At the High End 2013 show held in Munich, Germany, I once again met up with designer Jorma Koski and he asked me if I would agree to review his new Unity series AC cord. Of course, I said, “Yes!”

I think it was late summer I received a nice sized package addressed from Sweden. Yep, it was the Jorma AC cords! Just like the Unity series interconnects and speaker cables, these cables are hand-made and crafted with an exceptional fit and finish.  Finally, I was about to experience what a complete set up of these cables would sound like. 

This is my second review of a product from this Swedish Company so I’ll skip the company history but if you choose you can read my first review here. But I reiterate, Jorma  Koski is fanatical about extrapolating the musical details from the music hence, the amount of time it took (almost two years) to introduce the Unity AC cord after debuting the Unity Interconnects and speaker cables. Like the Origo AC cord, the Unity AC powercord is based on the Prime’s cost is no object power technology, but has a more simplified shielding. 

Koski informed me that these cables had a prolonged 72 hour break- in before shipping but knowing how long the first cables took – a few hundred minimum –  I wanted to give these more burn-in before any serious listening would take place (Jorma Design recommends about 500 hours of break-in).  I estimated about three-weeks of constant play occurred before I took notes. Though, I will admit, with even minimum burn-in, these AC cords sounded slightly rough on the edges, but dynamically alive, quick and weighty. With each passing week, the edges slowly disappeared and were replaced with  a sheen that only made me want to listen more frequently..

One thing’s certain, having the Jorma Unity cables throughout my system also made it noticeably more quiet. This feature gave the music a much blacker backdrop that allows me to hear closer and more deeply into the heart of each performance.  With the Unity AC cords in place, the overall sonic characteristic is an extension of the cables: silky smooth, yet dynamic and transparent as one could ask. The more I listened, the more I discovered those small minute micro/macro details in the music that had been elusive. Of course, this excited me to no end and made it increasingly difficult for me to get off my listening seat, which also led to my listening sessions going into the wee hours of the morning.     

Lately, I’ve been collecting Classical music on vinyl and simply had to put on a few of my favorite recordings like the great Rostropovich on the Dvorak Cello Concerto in B minor (DG 139044). This delightful recording features the maestro Herbert Von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic. This emotionally moving and very involving recording places Mstislav Rostropovich dead center stage with his orchestra right behind him.  

With the Unity AC cords in the mix, the system created a holographic soundstage that was larger, wider and deeper than I can ever recall. For the first time, I felt the music stretching well outside of the physical plane of the  loudspeakers creating a very good disappearing act.  The added dimensionality was greatly aided by the Unity AC cord’s dexterity in the areas of image solidity, stability and focus. Subtle details in pitch variation and bowing techniques and texture became more apparent than when other AC cords were in place.

I was very fortunate to acquire a full collection of the complete Beethoven’s String Quartets by Quartetto Italiano (Philips 6703 081-082, 6706 031) on LP.  Practically every night (for weeks), I stayed up late and rewarded myself with the Beethoven String Quartets.  The Quartetto Italiano’s rendition of the Quartets is a magnificent recording. I put on one of my favorites, the String Quartet in F, Op. 18 N0.1, and it was compelling. The notes flowed out with remarkable speed and natural tonality with the Jorma Unity AC cord than with other AC cords, creating a denser, richer mix of harmonic nuances. The strings stood out with more sheen and complexity.  The individual instruments were also more finely drawn than I was used to hearing.  Similarly, solo performers were rendered flawlessly; Mstislav Rostropovich playing J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite N0.3, BWV 1009 (EMI 7243 5 55365 2) proved extraordinary in scope and range.  The added dimensionality was apparent from the first note while the solidity and focus gave new meaning to the term rock solid.  The subtle details of pitch variation and bowing textures were better illuminated than I was accustomed to hearing.  There was nothing artificial about its voicing of the musical tapestry.  String overtones shone with a natural sheen.  There was no grain, added flavor, or grunge whatsoever. Just music. 

Now that I am using only Jorma Design Unity cables, listening to music is more alive, organic, and far more enjoyable. Again, in the final analysis, it’s about being transported right into the performance. Starting out with thee Jorma Unity Interconnects and speaker cables and then slowly ending up with the entire arsenal has been a journey that I am glad to have taken. I have heard other brands – some more expensive too – but they did not impact my system nearly as much as the Unity AC cords.  I congratulate Jorma Koski for developing a cable that has elevated my system as well as my listening pleasures. Very highly recommended and my Stereo Times Most Wanted Component of 2013!


Price: $2,000.00 each

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