EgglestonWorks Announces Debut Of New Reference Series Speaker

EgglestonWorks Announces Debut Of New Reference Series Speaker
For Immediate Release
1 December 2000

James H. Thompson
Director, Sales and Marketing

Memphis, TN, USA, December 1, 2000 – EgglestonWorks proudly announced today their newest loudspeaker system, the SAVOY . Visually as provocative as the rest of the EgglestonWorks line, the SAVOY takes a radical step toward the future of loudspeaker design. The company is preparing for the world debut of the SAVOY at the upcoming CES 2001 at the Alexis Park Resort, Suite # 1403. Anyone interested in scheduling one of the limited private listening sessions during CES should contact the company immediately.

“We are more excited about the SAVOY than any product in our history,” said EgglestonWorks president Michael J Sabre. “The SAVOY has been in design for almost 2 years because it represents the most advanced and well-thought out speaker to wear the EgglestonWorks’ badge.” The EggletonWorks line of speakers has received numerous awards for their innovative design including the coveted “Speaker of the Year” from Stereophile Magazine.

The SAVOY ($39,900USD) is the latest addition to the EgglestonWorks Reference Series, which was originally developed in cooperation with Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering Studio in Portland, ME. Launched in 1998, the IVY Reference was designed to satisfy Gateway’s desire for the ultimate two-channel reference speaker system. The SAVOY builds upon many of the same aesthetic design principles as the IVY – with a footprint of 15″ × 24″ and height of 59″ – while employing advanced engineering techniques.

The development of the SAVOY also marks an exciting new beginning for the EgglestonWorks New Product Development Team now headed by famed loudspeaker designer Albert Von Schweikert. Drawing on his 20+ years of engineering and design experience, Mr. Von Schweikert was instrumental in leading the development of the new internal technology for the SAVOY. The company plans to have the SAVOY ready for shipping by March 1, 2001.

“Anticipation regarding the SAVOY is astonishing. Audiophiles worldwide are anxious to see and hear the latest creation from EgglestonWorks,” said James Thompson following a recent trip through Asia which included stops in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. “Many reviewers as well as dealers and distributors are already reserving samples for evaluation.” EgglestonWorks welcomes new dealers or distributors interested in the line to contact Mr. Thompson at the factory.

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