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Giradi2.jpgAbout a month ago before RMAF 2018, I was contacted by Andy Weiderspan, Sales Manager at Synergistic Research and was offered the opportunity to review the Galileo SX AC power cables. Back in late 2017 and early 2018, I completed reviews on the current models, Galileo UEF signal cables (here) and the Galileo AC cables (here), which both received the Stereotimes Most Wanted Component awards, as well as numerous awards from other audiophile magazines.

According to the SR website, the “Galileo SX represents the pinnacle of what we currently know in the field of building audio cables for high-resolution audio systems. We start with complex hand built geometries with Air, Teflon, and Silk dielectrics, pure 99.9999% monofilament silver conductors, 4th generation Tricon geometries, custom designed silver connectors that reduce the amount of material to only what is needed for maximum signal transfer, star point grounding for digital and analogue interconnects that reduces series inductance and noise, new redesigned UEF Tuning Circuits that deliver higher levels of resolution and musicality, and totally new technologies like Matrix UEF Shielding for a lower system noise floor with unparalleled low frequency impact and overall musicality, and a proprietary 1,000,000 volt conditioning process that permanently alters how signal travels through a conductor for more efficient signal transfer as well as a second conditioning process first developed for our Blue Fuses that dramatically improves musicality for ultra resolution without listening fatigue. And we apply the same UEF Compound first developed for our SR Blue fuses to various components of each cable’s design for the best interconnects, speaker cables and power cords we have ever hand build in our California factory”. 

Origin250.jpgBased on the design characteristics presented on the SR website, the SX AC power cables benefited from the research and development implemented in SR’s 25th Anniversary Power Cord, the SR25 which retails for $20K. The common design attributes found in both the SR25 and SX AC power cables include adding an internal Active Electromagnetic Cell (EM), the ability to externally ground the Active EM cell, and the ability to ground the Active EM Cell, and newly developed UEF Matrix Shielding. The good news is Ted Denney and the SR team are always striving to advance the technology in audio signal transfer and AC power delivery while aiming to keep the cost of ownership decreasing over time.  However, the new Galileo SX AC power cables require (this is optional) another SR High Definition Grounding cable to employ this technology to the fullest … lol, I have 18 of them in my system.  Like the Galileo UEF, the Glaileo SX AC power cables exude refinement and prideful ownership.  Visually, the components that make up each cable are top shelf and the cable itself is substantial.  My visitors have commented on the shear size of these cables.




5 each 2nd Gen High Current Galileo Silver Matrix Strings:

   High Current Silver Matrix Signal conductor: Monocrystal conductors w/ copper core

   Dielectric: Solid Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

   Shielding: Silver Braid -Quantum Tunneled Ground Plane Technology

1 each (Analog) 4th Gen-Tricon:

   Silver Copper Matrix: Monocrystal conductors w/ a separate ground conductor from shield

   Dielectric: PTFE

   Shielding: Ground Plane Technology

   Geometry: Tri-axial

3 each Silver Air String cables:

   Silver Air Strings: 99.9999% pure monocrystal silver conductor

   Dielectric: Air (sealed)

   Shielding: UEF Ground Plane Technology

   Handmade in California factory

1 each Active Shielding UEF Cell:

   Modified Swiss-made DC bias Power Supply 

   UEF: Graphene treated PCB

   SR Quantum Capacitors

   Dielectric: PTFE

    Shielding: Ground Plane Technology

  Housing: Carbon Fiber Cylinder

1 each Black Galileo Active Module:

   For lowest noise floor, completes Active bias circuit

1 each Gold UEF Tuning Passive Module:

   Optional voicing for increased warmth, liquidity

1 each Galileo Silver Tuning Module:

   Optional voicing for increased refinement, detail and focus


  Input US: 1 each Synergistic Research G07 Pure Gold

  Input Int’l: 1 each Synergistic Research G07 Pure Gold Schuko

  Output US: Synergistic Research G07 Pure Gold IEC 15 amp and 20 ampconnectors

  Output Int’l: Synergistic Research G07 Pure Gold IEC 15 amp and 20 amp connectors

The review will start by baselining my current system with the Galileo UEF AC power cables on all components that include the Uptone Audio JS-2 power supply for QNAP NAS drive, the Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player/DAC/Preamp, and the Tidal Audio Impact stereo amplifier. Then I will swap my previous reference, the Galileo UEF AC power cables with the Galileo SX AC power cables on all components and reporting on the results.  In both cases, each AC power cable will be plugged directly into the SR PowerCell 12 UEF.


The SX (short for sexy) Cable

My reviewing system includes the Uptone JS-2 Linear Power Supply for Qnap TS-251+NAS drive, Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player/Preamplifier, Tidal Audio Impact, PranaFidelity Vayus loudspeakers, SOtM dBCL-CAT7 Special Edition Ethernet cable/filter block, SR Galileo UEF Ethernet, SR Galileo UEF speaker cables, interconnects, and AC power cables, SR PowerCell 12 UEF, SR UEF Black outlets, SR HFTs, SR Atmosphere XL4, SR FEQ, SR Active SE Grounding Block SE and UDG cables, SR Black Box SR MiG 2.0 isolation footers, SR Tranquility Bases UEF, and PerfectPath Technologies Omega e mats. During the review, the Silver Tuning Module was used on all Galileo SX AC power cables based on system and personal preference. My PranaFidelity Vayus loudspeakers are located 44” from the front wall, 6.5’ apart center to center, with the listening position eight feet form the front baffle which approximates the Cardas Audio speaker set-up guide recommendations. My listening area, its 14.5’ has a 9’ ceiling, and has an open back wall to 1500 sq ft of first floor living area.

grantgreen.jpgSince outfitting my reviewing system with all SR Galileo UEF cables, I’ve spent a significant amount of time relatively speaking, investigating new jazz music, including the album Idle Moments (Blue Note) by Grant Green. “This languid, seductive gem released in 1965, it features performances by Joe Henderson on piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass, and Al Harewood on drums may well be Grant Green’s greatest moment on record. Right from the opening bars of the classic tile cut, Idle Moments is immediately ingratiating and accessible, featuring some of Green’s most stylish straight jazz playing. Whether he’s running warm (pianist Duke Pearson’s “Idle Moments”), cool (the Modern Jazz Quartet’s “Django”), or a bit more up-tempo (Pearson’s “Nomad”, his own “Jean de Fleur”), Green treats the material with the graceful elegance that was the hallmark of his best hard bop sessions. The first cut, “Idle Moments” is one of those rare moments in recorded music when the musicians and the music become one, uniting in spirit around the musical fire”. What stood out after swapping in the Galileo SX AC power cables for the Galileo UEF AC power cables on all components was how music flowed so effortlessly, full of life, highly resolving and grain free. When the vibraphone appears about midway through the first cut, the clarity of the mid and high frequencies was reproduced with a lifelike dynamic range, accurate tonal balance, and a 3D holographic image. With the lower noise floor of the SX AC cables, the macro and microdynamics of all instruments were more accurately reproduced, better focused, and exhibited greater texture. I also appreciated how the piano appeared in the background, while having a distinctive separation within the soundscape. When you listen to your system fully-fitted with Galileo SX AC cables, you can hear music of high precision, completely free of white noise distortion and signal compression.

midnightblue.jpgAnother sonic gem I’ve discovered recently is the album Midnight Blue by Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. This album is one of Burrell’s best-known sessions for the Blue Note label. Burrell is matched with tenor saxophone Stanley Turrentine, bassist Major Holley, drummer Bill English, and Ray Barretto on conga for a blues-oriented date highlighted by “Chitlins Con Carne,” “Midnight Blue,” “Saturday Night Blues,” and the lone standard “Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You”. Burrell, who ranks among the top handful of electric guitarists in jazz, once said that he strives for “the sound of acoustic guitar, only louder… that warmth and midrange.” This is definitely late-night blues, with an emphasis on laid-back tempos and soulful solos no matter what cut you’re playing. You get the same feeling, no matter the tempo, which is why it’s one of my favorite albums. When I first heard this piece with the Galileo SX AC power cables installed, I said to myself, “These guys are in the room. The pluck and frame of the guitar, the whoosh of air through the horn, the sticks on the drumkit, the skin-slaps on the conga, the sense of space between and around the players, just mesmerizing.” The chords played by Burrell have a lifelike weight, speed, and control, while high frequencies were extremely clean and resolved. On various cut contained with this album, the cymbals were full of energy and liveliness, yet the sound was never bright or harsh, which is a testament to the low noise floor achieved by the Galileo SX AC power cables. With the Galileo SX AC power cables, I heard realistic sounds and less processed music, a more believable soundstage, and the instruments’ sounds mixed within the soundstage better.

Final Thoughts

The design advantages provided by the implementation of an internal Active EM Cell, the ability to directly ground the Active EM Cell, and a new developed UEF Matrix Shielding were clearly demonstrated during the review. The approach taken by SR to conduct double-blind trials and selecting the preferred UEF technology based on the emotional connection to the music as one listens proved to be highly successful and validated repeatedly in my listening room.  In similar fashion to how the SR Active Grounding Block SE performed in my system, the resulting lower noise floor and frequency uniformity delivered by the Galileo SX AC power cables have allowed me to listen to music at lower volumes without loss of detail, silence between notes, and dynamics.  With the Galileo SX cables, it’s much easier to become emotionally connected to the music on many levels.  Although the price of admission is high, the increase in system performance in relative terms justifies the cost outlay.  The Galileo SX AC power cables are my new reference.


 Mike Girardi   


Galileo UEF AC Power Cable, 5ft, $6,000



Phone number: (949) 476-0000




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