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John Cornetta, who is the owner of a new high-end cable company called Dream Weaver Audio based in Boca Raton, Florida, contacted me by email requesting a review of their Dream Weaver One series AC cords. Although I had intended passing on this assignment to another ST reviewer, in reading over the brochure I became intrigued. I’ve always been impressed with the performance of flat-geometry (high-capacitance, low-inductance) cables, beginning a long time ago with Goertz designs. Perusing the email I found out enough about Dream Weaver Audio to welcome doing the review myself!

Their email included photos and a short description. The cord is 1 mm thick and 4″ wide, built using a proprietary (patent-pending) dielectric, very thin copper foil and flat geometry (only 0.9 mm thick).  Cornetta claims zero skin effect, very low resistance and wide dynamics as a result of minimal current limiting. Standard length is 8 feet. Estimated price starts at $2500. Truth be told, I was somewhat hesitant at first; this is, after all, a rather unusual design. But at ST we pride ourselves on our willingness to review and give an editorial voice to the unusual and creative.


Some weeks later, a pair of Dream Weaver One AC cords arrived. Due to their flat geometry they are far more flexible than your average design. In fact, they were flexible enough to be rolled into a spool. Hence, the surprisingly small shipping carton. Dream Weaver AC cords are wider than any other cable I’ve auditioned. Because I had only two AC cords (and not the four or five required for my downstairs rig) I tested them in my office setup, a Marantz CD player, King Sound H03 electrostatic headphones and matching M10 electrostatic amp. This setup uses Sound String Cable Technologies cables which are excellent and inexpensive. They are delightfully clean while possessing superior harmonic integrity and ambient retrieval, qualities usually found in more expensive designs. At some point, I knew, my Sound String cables would have to be compared to a more expensive brand. Enter, the Dream Weaver One AC cord.

petite.jpgWhat proved most fascinating about this test was discovering how easily I could detect small sonic differences using headphones.  (I should probably make headphone tests a normal part of auditioning cables and cords.) The increase in transients for example was showcased when listening to Alien from the new and talented female jazz vocalist Somi on her latest CD, “Petite Afrique.” The Alien tune is taken from Sting’s classic Englishman In New York, with slowed tempo, built on a bluesy groove that gives way to a very savvy accompanying band. Dream Weavers brought greater depth to Somi’s unique style through improved inflections of her vocal phrasings. This is not to say this wasn’t audible with the Sound Strings, but that Dream Weaver One’s allow you to appreciate her god-given talents as it were through a faster and more transparent lens.

I’ve always enjoyed the lightning fast speed and neutrality of flat geometry but the fact is flat cables typically leave out just enough body and harmonic weight to fail to win me over. A few years back however, I was awed by Larry Forbe’s Klee Acoustics’ Grand Illusion series of speaker cables. This cable broke the mold in terms of harmonic weight and dexterity while maintaining speed, focus and neutrality. The Dream Weaver One AC cord maintains the same qualities: weighty while remaining lighting quick. Cymbals possess a ring of authenticity that is very uncommon with flat geometry designs. The Dream Weaver One’s doesn’t slow down on difficult passages, slur its notes, or hold on to bass notes too long (in a vain attempt at great low end). Bass notes are fast, taut and controlled yet unforced. I should also mention, once again, that Dream Weaver’s are ultra-transparent. It is commonly felt that ultra-transparency comes at the price of weight and body, hence the issues with flat geometry cables in general. I assumed lack of body to be the Achilles heel of flat geometry until I heard Klee Acoustics designs. And it’s been quite awhile since I’ve heard another flat geometry that sounded as good as the Klees.

otisbrown.jpgTransparency and neutrality are Dream Weaver One’s strengths; it never gets harsh or etched no matter the stress or strain of any particular recording. The Dream Weaver is as see-through and alive sounding as I’ve experienced in this price category. Another great illustration came from jazz drummer extraordinaire Otis Brown III’s daring and spiritually infused I Am Your Song from his debut album, “The Thought of You.” This CD features wonderful vocal accompaniment by gospel star Nikki Ross and the fabulous pianist Robert Glasper. Thoughtful and deeply reflective (especially if you love gospel music), this song has a vibrant life of its own. Otis’s spontaneous drum hits, rolls, bass-drum kicks and cymbal work tell you how serious a musician he is on this, his first solo project. He simply shines! The Dream Weaver One’s AC cords allowed his play to come through, crisp, clean and yet remain in its own atmospheric space and place. I sat up hitting the repeat button over and over.  Dream Weaver cords locked image of Otis’ play left of center, with enhanced spatial cues and soundstage. I enjoyed this very modest system like never before.

John Cornetta told me the company is expanding and plans to add interconnects and speaker cables to their line up in the coming months. I cannot imagine what a full loom of these cables would perform like. As it stands, Dream Weaver One AC cords are impressive. My hope is that their loudspeaker cables and interconnects can match this level of performance. We will see.

Dream Weavers provide all the sonic attributes that flat cables are known for: clarity, speed and life. But more than that, Dream Weaver One AC cords add a certain weight to the clarity: offering greater dynamic expression and musicality than I’ve heard from any previous flat cord design. If you’re looking for a super fast, luxuriously rich-sounding cord, Dream Weaver One AC cords should be on your short list.  Highly recommended!

clement perry



Price: $2,500.00 each

Made in the USA

Website: www.dreamweaveraudio.com



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