Cerious Technologies Nano Reference Series Cables

Cerious Technologies Nano Reference Series Cables

Cerious Indeed!


 June, 2012



Nanotubes are a breakthrough in materials. Basically, these are tiny carbon, fullerene structures in the shape of a tube formed of single carbon molecules, not in the familiar buckyball form. They have substantial strength but also electrical properties, which are used in the Cerious Technologies Nano Reference cables here under review. Some have desirable metallic or metal like properties.

Basically, these cables are medical grade Teflon tubes filled with five different materials. Two are silver and copper long crystal conductors, microfiber, plus nanotubes and a liquid ceramic. The latter two form a slurry into which frozen conductor bundles are immersed allowing the nanotubes to fill in voids between metal molecules. This lowers the impedance of the conductor by 35 percent. This is the secret of the Cerious Technologies Nano Reference Series cables. I can find no other reference to such cables anywhere. Will these be a breakthrough use of nanotubes. It seems entirely possible.



Physically, the interconnects are fairly typical in appearance. Both balanced and single-ended (RCA) cables are a black on white nylon material. The balanced cables us Neutrik connectors and the single-ended use Acrolink CF-102 connectors. The speaker cables are quite similar but about three-quarters of an inch in diameter and fairly heavy. They use gold-coated spades that are fairly thick. Late in the review process, I got a digital cable prototype. It is much like the interconnect in construction. Only the single-ended interconnects are directional. These cables are not charged.


I had to change very little going from my reference Exemplar Portal cabling. I was provided with two sets of balanced, one pair of single-ended, and speaker cables. Later, I got a SP Dif digital cable. With this review I have changed my electronics somewhat. The Exemplar XP-2 preamp has replaced my BMC DAC1 PRE. Also, I am presently using a pair of LSA1 Statement speakers, as I await a pair of BMC Arcadias.

I should note that I found the Cerious Technology Nano Reference Series cables took a very long time to break in. After about two weeks use, I decided to leave the system running overnight with the IsoTek break-in CD playing. That proved a revelation the next morning. Since I was comparing these cables with my reference cables, I should also note that a switch to compare them meant a wait of about an hour to allow the cables to settle in.

There are several outstanding characteristics to these cables. First, they are quite transparent. You hear a lot of detail, such as an individual voice in a choir, singer’s movements on the stage, and subtle background instruments or vocals. I hear no smear or metal splash. This last comment goes back to the attributes of the earlier Cerious Technology liquid conductor cables. The present ones do have metal in them, but still do not exhibit this metallic splash or glare that was the strength of the earlier non-metal cables. Of course, I find many modern metal cables that also avoid this problem, mainly long linear crystal wire cables.

Second, is that they have a great ease about them. Perhaps this is evidence of their low impedance. I never had the impression that there was any effort in following the music no matter how dynamic or complex. Two of the cuts that I so often use in evaluation exhibit both properties. Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis’Two Men With The Blues[Blue Note Records TOCP-70541 Japan] has closely miked instruments, including Marsalis’ trumpet and drums making it a good test. The CT Nanos merely pass the leading edge with ease. My cut for complexity in music is the Cantate Domino cut on Cantate Domino Proprius/Audio Source CDP 7762 The organ, horns, and individual singers were never lost in the massive crescendo.

Third, they are quite fast and dynamic. Again this may be the low impedance. Perhaps this is highly related to the ease and flow, but I also got great dynamics with these cables. 

Four, you have before you a very vivid soundstage with great separation. There is good depth to the image, but not the best I have heard. Rob Wasserman’s Duets [MCA Audiophile MCA-42131] has many cuts with a great sense of the studio setting. I found the recording quite striking but lacking the layering of the sound stage done so vividly evident with my reference cables.

The digital Nano Series wire proved to have the openness and ease of the other cables. It sounded different than my reference Stealth Varidig Sextet digital cable. The Stealth had more detail and sound stage precision, but not the openness and ease nor low price of the Cerious Technologies Nano cable. These, of course, were digital SPDif cables. I was using them with a prototype dac from Exemplar that has no Firewire input. To do this entailed using my Weiss DAC202 to convert USB to SPDIF or using the M2 hiFace

These are excellent cables at an exceptional price. They are clearly a first with this new technology, which I expect will have a great impact on our electronics. I found them very listenable and doubt I would find comparable performance in other cables at this price. 

Presently at least, these cables are not readily available. They are sold factory direct over the internet. I would urge readers to give them a listen if you get a chance. In my experience, they are a steal. Highly recommended.




Cerious Technologies Nano Reference Series cables: 
Speaker wire, $1000 per 8 foot pair each with two wires per side
Interconnects, $500 per 1 meter pair either single-ended or balanced ($60 per additional foot)
RCA Digital interconnect, $295 per 1 meter

Cerious Technologies
17257 West Durango St
Goodyear, AZ 85338
Webpage : http://www.cerioustechnologies.com 
Phone: 517-980-1330


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