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The Sota Sound Inventions Quasar Turntable

September 25, 2023

  Old Company, New Tricks As any regular reader of my columns knows, my 1987 Sota Star-Sapphire turntable has been at the heart of my audio system for the better part of two decades. I [Read More]

The Origin Live Resolution Mk 4 Turntable

March 23, 2019

One of the signs that the current Vinyl Revival (I keep forgetting if we’re in the Golden Age of Vinyl IV, V, or XXV) is more than a superficial trend is the re-appearance of the [Read More]

Graham Slee Accession Phono Preamplifier

December 18, 2018

I’ve had a long, rewarding, and musically exalted experience with Graham Slee’s line of solid-state phono preamplifiers. I’ve reviewed 4 of them for the Stereo Times in the past (Gram Amp 2SE, Era Gold V, [Read More]

Rek-O-Kut T12h Turntable

September 30, 2018

  Barking Mad?  Sometimes I think to myself, ‘Greg, you’ve gone ‘round the bend on this one,’ usually about the time I try to explain to my better half that I’m working on some exciting, [Read More]

Aurorasound SP-03H Step Up Transformer

February 9, 2018

      I had this review written four months ago but I was procrastinating on submitting it, and I’m glad I did. While it was positive from the get go – and is even [Read More]

JE Audio HP10 Phono Amplifier

July 28, 2017

  Is it possible to get a high from listening to an audio system? I remember doing a paper in college on the subject of drug addiction and how it manifests itself, particularly addiction via [Read More]

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Phono Box RS

July 25, 2017

The newest and top-of-the-line offering from Germany’s Pro-Ject Audio Systems aims at being a full function, infinitely adjustable, high-end moving magnet or moving coil phono pre-amplifier. If you can think of a way you’d like [Read More]

Etsuro Urushi MC Cartridge

April 11, 2017

My how time flies! It seems like only yesterday when I purchased a Musical Life Symphonia’s turntable along with their 12” Vocalista tonearm and that great sounding Lyra Kleos cartridge as a birthday present to [Read More]

Parasound Halo JC 3+ Phono Preamp

March 2, 2016

  First Appearances Don’t Have to Be Deceiving   In Stereo Time’s 2015 Most Wanted Components round-up, I described Parasound’s (and electronics wunderkind John Curl’s) latest thinking on affordable phono pre-amplification, the relatively new JC [Read More]

Viv Lab Rigid Tonearm

October 10, 2013

Breaking the Mold  What, another  tonearm, I hear you exclaim? The short answer is, yes. But before you flip the page, you really need to read about this tonearm, if nothing else for the fact [Read More]

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