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High End 2004 Robert Jorgensen

May 9, 2004

It started and ended with music. An impression from High End 2004 in Munich                                      [A warm reception was insured at HE 2004] Robert Jorgensen When I inquired traveling instructions regarding the Lufthansa City bus [Read More]

High End 004 Clement Perry

May 9, 2004

    Hi End 2004 Europe’s Largest HIFI- Show                                          Clement Perry For the first time in twenty-one years Hi End 2004 shifted from Frankfurt’s Hotel Kempinski to Munich. The venue was quite different [Read More]

High End 2004 Don Dixon

May 9, 2004

                        Munich: Remembrances of my trip with Perry Don Dixon The flight to Amsterdam was uneventful. Our plan was to land very early Thursday morning and spend a few hours walking about the [Read More]

HE 2004 Nelson

May 4, 2004

               Home Entertainment 2004                                          Nelson Brill A Veritable Sonic Smorgasbord To you, my audiophile companions, I begin my show report from HE 2004 with an apology: I suffer from a common ailment known as [Read More]

CES2004 Mike Wright

January 4, 2004

2004 Consumer Electronics Show – Part 3   Michael Wright “So this is Las Vegas,” I thought to myself as the plane landed. All of the colorful lights displayed on and around all of the [Read More]

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