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Building the Audio Note Kit EL-34 and Elekit 8900 integrated amplifiers by John Hoffman.

July 18, 2024

  To Kit or Not to Kit I love learning how things work. I don’t mind going slow and thinking through problems, unlike a good friend who gets angry when faced with any technical problem.  [Read More]

Thrax Audio Teres Mk2 Monoblock Amps by Moreno Mitchell

June 30, 2024

  For the past eighteen months, I have been blessed with Thrax Audio Spartacus Pure 300B Power Amplifiers in my home audio system. Thrax Audio has been a mainstay in the audio community for years. [Read More]

Coda Technologies Class A S5.5 Amplifier By Terry London

May 19, 2024

    In the past, I have reviewed three Coda Technologies components (#8 amplifier-#16 amplifier-FET 07x preamplifier) and found them all to be superlative in build quality and performance, along with offering one of the [Read More]

Valve Amplification Company (VAC) Essence 80 iQ Monobloc Amplifiers by Don Shaulis

March 21, 2024

  VAC Magic in a Small Package At the many audio shows I attended, few rooms stuck in my memory, but one brand did—Valve Amplification Company (VAC) equipment powered many of the best-sounding rooms. By [Read More]

Coda Technologies Coda No. 8 Amplifier and 07x Preamplifier Review by Richard Willie

March 4, 2024

    It has been over a year since I had the privilege of evaluating the Coda Technologies CSiB integrated amplifier. My experience with Coda Technologies’ products continued. Soon after, I was allowed to review [Read More]

Accustic Arts Power III Integrated Amplifier by Terry London

February 16, 2024

In 2006, I started to write lay reviews for the forums on the AudioGon website for fun. That was also the period of writing a string of reviews on Accustic Arts DACs, transports, and preamplifiers, [Read More]

Audio Mirror WAVE tube preamplifier By Terry London

January 11, 2024

In 2020, I reviewed the Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE DAC (reviewed here). It was stellar in its performance, competing with DACs that cost twice as much and was exceptionally well built using very high-quality [Read More]

Adcom GFA-565SE High Current Power Amplifier by Greg Voth

November 6, 2023

    Like it says in this Adcom amp’s instruction manual, read the manual first. Had I not, there was a chance, albeit small, that I’d have only heard the left channel of the new [Read More]

Aric Audio Super 6SN7 Linestage Preamplifier by Mike Wright

October 20, 2023

  I had an exciting encounter at AXPONA this past April. I was going over some of the rooms I had been by and exchanging thoughts with one of my pals when a gentleman I [Read More]

Vera-Link Wireless Amplifiers by Greg Voth

September 17, 2023

  I just love this time of the year! I received delivery of a 4 TB SSD drive to expand my newly acquired 32-bit Memory Player’s library in the best way possible, a pair of [Read More]

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