Cable Company Announces Seventh Annual Summer Against Hunger Fund Raiser

Cable Company Announces Seventh Annual Summer Against Hunger Fund Raiser
For Immediate Release
23 July 2002

In 2002, for the seventh year running, high end retailer, The Cable Company, is donating 5% of their total sales in August to two humanitarian relief organizations, CARE,* and International Rescue Committee**. A group of The Cable Company’s suppliers are matching this 5% donation for Cable Co. sales of their products during August.

Robert Stein, President of The Cable Company noted, “This annual fundraiser is one of those rare occasions where a good cross section of the companies involved in our part of the electronics industry participate together to support a worthy cause.” 

He continued, “Our industry is made up of companies and consumers who care about many things, only one of which is their audio/video equipment. Summer Against Hunger gives us an opportunity to offer something important to that half of the world which can never participate in our industry because they are too busy figuring out how to survive. As the CEO of Tom’s of Maine put it, “You can be a hard-assed competitor and still run a company with a soul.”

Contributions including matching funds for the first six years of the Summer Against Hunger program totalled in excess of $85,000.

*CARE is known for their highly effective emergency relief efforts including provision of the simple sugar, salt and water solution that is saving 2,700 children from death by dehydration every day. Fifty percent of their resources are used for long-term development programs.

**International Rescue Committee was founded by Albert Einstein in 1933 to assist anti-Nazi opponents of the Hitler regime. It has become the leading American nonsectarian volunteer agency dealing with refugee relief, medical, and resettlement efforts around the world, and is also taking the lead on land-mine issues.

2002 Summer Against Hunger Participating Vendors
Acoustic Zen Technologies
Analysis Plus
Audio Desk Systeme
Audio Magic
Aural Symphonics/Univocal
Camelot Technology
Cardas Audio
Echo Busters
GRADO Laboratories
Harmonic Technology
HAVE Sound & Video
Hovland Company
JPS Labs
Kimber Kable
The Last Factory
Magnan Cable
May Audio
Nirvana Audio
Nitty Gritty
Nordost Corporation
Purist Audio Design
Shakti Innovations
Signal Guard
Siltech America
Shunyata Research
Sound Anchors
Straight Wire
Symposium Acoustics
Synergistic Research
Van Den Hul
Walker Audio

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