Author: Russell Lichter

Bybee Active Room Neutralizers

January 12, 2017

    My original review of Jack Bybee’s Room Neutralizers (here) goes into a little detail about the theory of their operation, which I will not repeat, except for the following passage: The pivotal concept [Read More]

Bybee Room Neutralizers

July 21, 2015

      The advertising on the TweekGeek website says that Room Neutralizers (hereafter RNs)—rather unprepossessing rectangles of quarter-inch-thick, laminated ABS plastic approximately 2” by 6” with a 6” pigtail of wire sticking out the [Read More]

Bybee Crystal Series AC powercord

November 14, 2014

    I’ve been through this before. You think you’re sitting pretty with some really great sounding AC powercords, then another brand or model comes along. You hook it up, maybe not expecting all that [Read More]

LessLoss New DFPC Reference AC Cords

March 14, 2014

     The New Reference! I was in a bit of a jam, having requested their latest power cords from LessLoss, then a couple of weeks later getting a new transport and DAC to review [Read More]

PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport and DAC II

November 8, 2013

        Perfect Wave Transport.  From time to time I’ve mentioned the dearth of adjectives available to an audio reviewer who does not like to repeat himself as he grows older and wiser [Read More]

July 22, 2013

  I first corresponded with Kevin Berg during the heyday of Japan Victor Corporation’s XRCD years. Mr. Berg at that time was working for JVC and was the person to whom an American reviewer applied [Read More]

The New Wywires Gold Interconnect Cable: A New Standard?

April 11, 2013

   February, 2013  If you look closely at the Wywires Gold XLR interconnect I reviewed some months ago [here], and then look closely at the latest version of this interconnect, the Series 3, you probably [Read More]

Wywires Revisited

April 11, 2012

Wywires Revisited: The Gold XLR Interconnect   April, 2012       I recently received a pair of new Wywires “Gold” interconnects for my delectation and possible review. My previous experience with Wywires cables was so [Read More]

Bel Canto CD2 CD Player and DAC3.5VB Mark II

February 22, 2012

Bel Canto CD2 CD Playerand DAC3.5VB Mark II The Return of the Mk II   February, 2012      The opportunity arose a few months back to acquire a well-used, but kindly-treated, Bel Canto CD2 [Read More]

Dynamic Design’s MK2-XLR digital cable, SE-XLR interconnects, Lotus MK2 AC powercord and Spirit MK2 digital AC powercord

December 19, 2011

Dynamic Design’s MK2-XLR digital cable, SE-XLR interconnects, Lotus MK2 AC powercord and Spirit MK2 digital AC powercord Sheer Musical Enjoyment   December, 2011     Olufemi Sonuga, chief designer for Dynamic Design cables, made the [Read More]

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