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Event – Home Entertainment 2001 Highlights

April 4, 2001

Event – Home Entertainment 2001 Highlights   Frank Alles, Marshall Nack 4 June 2001 Stereophile’s Home Entertainment 2001 show, held May 11-13 at New York Hilton & Towers, provided me with the opportunity to see and [Read More]

Sunfire Theater Grand Processor II

November 20, 2000

The Sunfire Theater Grand Processor II Digital Surround Processor Michael Levy and Martin Appel 20 November 2000 Specifications Line Level InputsSensitivity (for 0.5 V output): 125 mVSensitivity-Phono: 1.6 mVFrequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz [Read More]

The Bel Canto EVo 200.2 Amplifier

October 23, 2000

  The Creature that Rose from Beneath the Planet of the Son of “Tube Fest” Stuart McCreary & Clement Perry 23 October 2000 Specifications EVo 200.2 Class T Digital AmplifierFrequency Response: 1Hz – 80KHzContinuous RMS [Read More]

The Ortho Spectrum Analogue Reconstructor

September 19, 2000

The Ortho Spectrum Analogue Reconstructor   Clement Perry, Stuart A. McCreary, Mike Silverton, Jim Merod 19 September 2000 Specifications Input Impedance: 100 KohmsOutput Impedance: 75 ohmsAudio Input: RCA × 2 unbalanced, XLR × 2 unbalancedAudio [Read More]

Innersound Electrostatic Amplifier

June 1, 2000

Innersound Electrostatic Amplifier Doubletakes! Frank Alles & Martin Appel 1 June 2000 DoubleTakes! is a column that attempts to apply a Siskel & Ebert twist to audio reviewing. In this edition my colleague Martin and I [Read More]

Double Takes! PS Audio P300 Power Plant

August 25, 1999

Double Takes! PS Audio P300 Power Plant Frank (Ace) Alles & Noel (Too-Keen) Keen 25 August 1999 Specifications PS Audio Power Plant P300Price: $995 US plus shipping ($1,245, 230 volt model, plus shipping and duties)Manufacturer: [Read More]

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