Author: Greg Simmons

The Sota Sound Inventions Quasar Turntable

September 25, 2023

  Old Company, New Tricks As any regular reader of my columns knows, my 1987 Sota Star-Sapphire turntable has been at the heart of my audio system for the better part of two decades. I [Read More]

Soundsmith Otello by Greg Simmons

June 15, 2023

Attainable Excellence The Soundsmith Otello is the point of entry into Peter Ledermann’s world of fixed-coil phono cartridges. I’ve written about this cartridge in the context of modifying my trusty Technics 1200 M3D and then [Read More]

Tweaks for Geeks IV – Winter 2023 by Greg Simmons

March 8, 2023

More Good Stuff You Might Need It’s cold here in Pittsburgh (Hey, yinz guys!). I caught my fat orange cat lolling on my power amplifier last week. But being trapped in the house isn’t all [Read More]

The Final Technics SL1200 Modification by Greg Simmons

December 26, 2022

Build Your Own. Over the years, I have rebuilt a few turntables. I enjoy the mechanical process and love listening to the product when it’s finished. That’s how the seventy-year-old Rek-O-Kut T12h idler that I [Read More]

iSonic CS6.1 Pro Ultrasonic Record Cleaning System by Greg Simmons

December 13, 2022

The Workingman’s Ultrasonic Other than wicked expensive hi-fi cables, nothing draws as many sharp opinions from audiophiles as cleaning records. Everyone has a process; everyone has an opinion; ad hominem insults abound. Folks will argue [Read More]

Tweeks for Geeks 2022 by Greg Simmons

May 10, 2022

Great Stuff You Might Need Apparently, it has been almost two years since I wrote one of these Tweaks for Geeks columns. Despite the crushing boredom of the pandemic and quarantine, and a steady stream of widgets, [Read More]

Parasound JC5 Stereo Amplifier by Greg Simmons

March 21, 2022

    They’re Coming…and They’re Mean! Any minute now, there’s going to be a violent pounding on the door, a torch-wielding mob, or maybe a brick with a threatening note crashing through the living room [Read More]

Audio Creative GrooveMaster III Tonearm page 2

September 12, 2021

Setting up the GrooveMaster III   The Groovemaster III is easy enough to set up but does require some time and patience, primarily because most adjustments have to be made and locked down with Allen [Read More]

Audio Creative GrooveMaster III Tonearm By Greg Simmons

September 12, 2021

    Fresh Bananas   Being a review of a tonearm with an unusual banana-shaped arm-tube, I tried to write a banana-themed introduction, complete with really bad metaphors and bunches of ripe EMT 997s hanging [Read More]

Finley Audio’s Cirrus Series Cables by Greg Simmons

July 26, 2021

  Cables of Distinction   One of the job requirements for reviewing hi-fi equipment is that you really like to listen to hi-fi equipment. Otherwise, why would you bother? But we’re halfway through 2021, and this is [Read More]

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