Author: Eric Teh

Sony MAP-S1 Multi Audio Player System and SS-HW1 Speakers

December 3, 2014

The MAP-S1 consists of a 50 watt per channel (into 4 ohms loads) receiver integrated with a front loading CD slot. The built in DAC is capable of decoding high resolution audio files of up [Read More]

Totaldac USB cable / filter

November 3, 2014

Introduction Totaldac is a company based in France that has been creating a lot of buzz lately with its DAC designs. The founder of Totaldac is Mr. Vincent Brient, a professional engineer who has worked [Read More]


August 22, 2014

Introduction  JCAT (JPLAY Computer Audio Transport) is the hardware division of JPLAY, the company responsible for bringing you the well-known and highly regarded PC music player software of the same name. At the time of [Read More]

Pop Pulse T-AMP180 integrated amplifier

July 9, 2014

Introduction Pop Pulse is a small Hong Kong based company that offers a small but interesting offering of audio products. The T-AMP180 (“T-180”) is a nicely sized integrated amplifier. Based on Tripath chips, the T-180 [Read More]

JOB 225 amplifier

June 27, 2014

I’ve just got a new Job. A Job 225 that is. After looking at all the positive information on audio forums out there, I placed an order last week. For those unfamiliar with Job Electronics [Read More]

Resonessence Labs Herus

March 16, 2014

    Thanks to the popularity of head-fi, there has been a proliferation of portable products on the market, such as USB powered DACs, combined DAC / headamps and the like. Head-fi does have a [Read More]

B.M.C. Audio PureDAC1

March 4, 2014

Pure DAC equals Pure Pleasure I first heard of Juan Carlos Candeias through his design work with CEC with concepts such as load-effect free (LEF) technology and current injection. I used to own a CEC [Read More]

Clash of the Titans

October 27, 2013

 Acoustic Revive RR-777  vs Telos Quantum Acoustics Diffuser   Introduction Schumann Frequency vs Alpha Waves?   Many readers would have heard of the product that started it all, the Acoustic Revive RR-77. Acoustic Revive has [Read More]

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