Author: Anna Logg

KingSound KS-H3 Headphones & M-20 Amp/Energizer

May 9, 2014

    Fit for a King!   King’s Audio Limited is a Hong Kong based high-end company that was founded in 2002 and is now well respected by audiophiles and reviewers for their excellent lineup [Read More]

Miles Davis: My First Concert

February 4, 2013

  Miles Davis: My First Concert Wow…I hadn’t thought about the first concert that I’d attended, for many, many years—so this was a nostalgic journey for me, and one that gave me new perspectives. Interestingly [Read More]

test crop2

December 8, 2012

Looking for Mr. Goodcar

July 12, 2012

“When it comes to amplifiers, strange as it seems, America makes the best ones. The Japanese are starting to catch up, but the US still puts out the best amps.” Perhaps this isn’t the most [Read More]

The Stereo Times Staff Recording Recommendations

July 1, 2011

Summer 2011 Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007), Plus – Minus, [hat(now)ART 178, Hat Hut Records]. Recommended especially to those with a taste for originality of the avant-garde persuasion. Several important works by this enormously talented, hugely eccentric [Read More]

Dynamic Design’s New Generation Lotus MK II Cables

January 23, 2010

Dynamic Design’s New Generation Lotus MK II Cables A New Generation    January 2010     A new generation of reference cablesI was thinking of ways to present this review and felt it would be [Read More]

PS Audio Quintet and Duet

July 27, 2007

PS Audio Quintet and Duet Superb AC Protection and Filtering in a Modern Modular Motif   July 2007   The PS Audio Quintet is the heart of PS Audio’s latest generation of AC line protection [Read More]

ESP Concert Grand SI Loudspeakers

May 27, 2005

ESP Concert Grand SI Loudspeakers Big, beautiful and absolutely drop dead gorgeous sound   May 2005                       Before I start this review, you should know that ESP loudspeakers have been a long-time favorite of mine. [Read More]

Conrad Johnson Premier 350 Amplifier

September 1, 2004

Conrad Johnson Premier 350 Amplifier CJ’s assault on the state of the art Mike Wright & H. Courtenay Osborne  September 2004 [Follow Up by H. Courtenay Osborne] No brag, just fact For those of you who [Read More]

Rune Tunes

June 8, 2001

Rune Tunes Commentary Jonathan Foote 8 June 2001 The mail’s been just overwhelming! This from Dr. Beebeb D.D. Chatterboks of Pissepore, Uzistan: the good doctor, who holds several post-doctoral degrees in holistic and ana-holistic statistics, [Read More]

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