Author: Anna Logg

Capital Audio Fest Page 2

December 2, 2022

RETHM SPEAKERS / AMPSandSOUND Electronics Greeted warmly by Jacob George, speaker designer – this is a most interesting-looking speaker and one that I’ve seen photos of yet not had an opportunity to listen to previously [Read More]


September 24, 2021

Page 2     But, there’s more. My conversations with Frank Smith of Citronic Music revealed another topology that he insisted I should consider. I became skeptical because the sonics I was now getting was [Read More]

Finley Audio’s Cirrus Series Cables by Greg Simmons – Page 2

July 26, 2021

Listening to the Cirrus Cables   I began the Finley installation – which took a couple of weeks as I spent time with each addition before adding the next – with the Cirrus AC power [Read More]

The Sonogy Black Knight MKII Power Amplifier

November 18, 2020

The Sonogy Black Knight MKII Power Amplifier Audio Serendipity Anna Logg 18 November 2002 Specifications: Class of operation: very high bias A-A/BGain Stage: pure class AVoltage output: 37.0, 74.0 monoCurrent: 40 A peak (<100 mSec); 10 [Read More]

Capital Audio Fest 2019 – The Bill Wells Report cont.

December 6, 2019

Next up on my journey through the various hallways took me to the Deadalus Audio exhibit.  Arriving there – quickly noticed that the system was in a largish type room but was also nicely set [Read More]


November 8, 2019

Munich High End 2017: The CP Report Page 3

June 12, 2017

Outlandish looking vinyl rigs were in great number at this year’s High End 2017. Origin Live’s Mark Baker of England (above), seemed the least fazed, remaining composed to manufacture outstanding performers instead of outlandish looking [Read More]


May 31, 2017

  What drives a man to create a USD100,000.00 amplifier? Why does someone, in 2017, devote a goodly chunk of his life perfecting a circuit for a tube which, for all practical intents and purposes, [Read More]

Acoustic Imagery ATSAH NC500 Monoblock Amplifiers

May 18, 2016

      We Built this City? I ask you, did Mazda create the Wankel rotary engine?! No. The unfortunately named Mr. Wankel did. Did Tudor build the automatic watch movements in their almost-a-Rolex desk [Read More]


January 21, 2016

High End Research had the all-new Audio Research Ref 6 on display. An EMM Labs XDS-1 was spinning optical discs, with a Goldmund Mimesis 32.5 Processor and Logos Anatta active speakers.    Goldmund Logos Anatta [Read More]

Vinshine Audio (71)bella Sound (76)Bliss Hifi (72)

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