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A Visit to The VOICE THAT IS

September 19, 2018

    On a recent business trip to Philadelphia, I set aside some time on a Sunday afternoon to visit with Doug White, owner of The Voice That Is, a high-end audio shop in Newtown [Read More]


December 5, 2017

  When one speaks about hifi with Aleksei Tjurin (right), loudspeaker design engineer at Audes LLC, one gets a sense of a man who knows how to be in the moment. While the rest of [Read More]

Bybee Technologies iQSE

November 21, 2017

    After speaking over the phone with Mike Girardi about his Bybee iQSE experience after an initial purchase, I asked if he’d be willing to write a review. He obliged. If you’re a long [Read More]

Sera’s Space

March 8, 2017

  Part One A (relatively) short and sweet “Hello” from your newest contributor! I’m Sera, based in the UK. I’ve been into music and hi-fi since I was about 11 years old. I’m not your [Read More]


December 21, 2016

  MUNDORF Mundorf electronics, a company well-known for their M-Cap range of capacitors, showed not only their latest components for building electronics and speaker crossovers, but also clearly Asia CEO Norbert Mundorf’s favourite creation, the [Read More]

Singapore International Sound and Sight Exhibition 2016

December 15, 2016

Fifteen years ago, when our esteemed publisher Clement Perry was still a young man, eager to spread his wings and see the world, he visited Singapore and wrote an article in 2 parts covering the [Read More]

Munich High End 2016 Clement Perry

May 10, 2016

  When our time comes to depart this earthly plane and move on to that wondrous place called Audio Heaven, you’ll probably wind up in Munich’s High End show! Where else can one hear live musicians [Read More]


January 7, 2016

Aqua Hifi La Voce S2 DAC ($2,700.00): La Voce’s big brother, Aqua HIfi’s La Scala, is justifiably well regarded as a master of musicality at a non uber-DAC price point. Little brother La Voce wears the [Read More]


January 7, 2016

    Abis SA-1.2 Tonearm ($2,000.00: Reviewed here). Well engineered and loaded with functionality, the SA-1.2 is a top-notch performer across the frequency spectrum. It is designed to accommodate a broad range of cartridges but it [Read More]


January 7, 2016

    Bybee Room Neutralizers ($1899 per set (8) – Reviewed here) I will not reiterate technical details from my earlier review of this device. The theory of operation contains striking molecular speculations that, however far-fetched [Read More]

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