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CES 2005 H. Courtenay Osbourne

January 30, 2016

 CES/T.H.E Show 2005 The High-End Audio Circuit Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a CES. The last CES I attended was the last summer CES in Chicago. I really miss the [Read More]


January 7, 2016

    Abis SA-1.2 Tonearm ($2,000.00: Reviewed here). Well engineered and loaded with functionality, the SA-1.2 is a top-notch performer across the frequency spectrum. It is designed to accommodate a broad range of cartridges but it [Read More]


January 7, 2016

    Bybee Room Neutralizers ($1899 per set (8) – Reviewed here) I will not reiterate technical details from my earlier review of this device. The theory of operation contains striking molecular speculations that, however far-fetched [Read More]


January 7, 2016

Aqua Hifi La Voce S2 DAC ($2,700.00): La Voce’s big brother, Aqua HIfi’s La Scala, is justifiably well regarded as a master of musicality at a non uber-DAC price point. Little brother La Voce wears the [Read More]


January 7, 2015

        Martin Logan Neolith Loudspeaker ($80,000): This latest offering from Martin Logan is a flat out stunner, musically and physically. The Neolith’s huge (48” x 22”) XStat™ CLS™ electrostatic transducer is bolstered by 12” front-firing [Read More]


January 7, 2015

      Aurorasound VIDA – Vinyl Disk Amplifier ($4,990.00 XLR output adds $1,000):  The elegantly built VIDA incorporates state-of-the-art semiconductor technology (LCR-type network) and old-world craftsmanship to create a top performing phono amplifier.  I’m really enjoying my [Read More]

CES 2014: Staff Report

February 4, 2014

CES 2014 has come and gone.  It was my eighth time attending in the last nine years. I have seen changes and I have seen stagnation. Living alone, I cherish my quiet times. Stepping into [Read More]

Cable Company Announces Seventh Annual Summer Against Hunger Fund Raiser

July 23, 2002

Cable Company Announces Seventh Annual Summer Against Hunger Fund Raiser News For Immediate Release 23 July 2002 In 2002, for the seventh year running, high end retailer, The Cable Company, is donating 5% of their [Read More]

Sophisticated Room Acoustic Modeling with CARA 2.0

January 12, 2001

Sophisticated Room Acoustic Modeling with CARA 2.0 News For Immediate Release 12 January 2001 Columbia, MD – Rhintek Incorporated announces the availability of CARA 2.0 in the US and Canadian markets. CARA, Computer Aided Room Acoustics, [Read More]

The Richard Gray’s Power Company™ Launches New, Easy to Navigate Web Site

December 13, 2000

Richard Gray’s Power Company™ Launches New, Easy to Navigate Web Site News For Immediate Release 13 December 2000 NEW ORLEANS, LA — December 13, 2000 — Audio Line Source, LLP., is pleased to unveil its new [Read More]

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