Author: Norm Luttbeg

High Fidelity Cables Pro Helix AC Power Supply

September 7, 2019

  Rick Schultz, chief designer and owner of High Fidelity Cable, has a major line of cables that make use of many properties of rare earth magnets. Over the years, I have written several reviews [Read More]

Avari DSD DAC and Analogue Music Server

April 18, 2017

  The Avari DSD DAC is designed by Archiving Vinyl with the assistance of Avari and is distributed by Archiving Vinyl. This all FET Class A balanced design uses the same Delta Sigma Converter chip, [Read More]

H-CAT DF100 MK IV and High Fidelity Pro cables: A follow-up

February 13, 2017

  This is a review of two upgrades that really, at least in my system, define better audio, namely great transparency, detail and overall musicality. One was a new model of the H-Cat X-10 amplifier [Read More]

Star Sound Technologies Platter Ground

July 6, 2016

  Star Sound Technologies continues their innovations. This one surprised me. It is to be put on your records in the center. It is what they call a platter ground. Not a record weight as [Read More]

High Fidelity Cables “Pro” Series Interconnects

June 3, 2016

    I have already done reviews of the HFC CT-1s as compared with their second series of cables, the Enhanced cables. Later I evaluated the Ultimate cables, and still later, their Ultimate Reference cables. [Read More]

HCAT Model DF-100.2 X10 Mk III Stereo Amplifier

January 25, 2016

      Recently I exclaimed over the new X-10 components from North American Products, I still do, but their new amp just far exceeds the earlier versions. What is achieved within this amp focuses [Read More]

H-Cat P-12 X10 Doppler-Free Line Stage and DF-100.2 X10 Stereo Amplifier

September 7, 2015

        Many years ago, I touted a new preamp by a man I first met long ago at a Chicago CES Show. I found it exceptional (as did The Absolute Sound that [Read More]

Exemplar Audio eXeption Interconnects

July 13, 2015

    It is with some satisfaction that I can say that the Exemplar Audio eXeption interconnects  ($349/meter RCA, $399/meter XLR) are outstanding, especially the balanced/XLR cables. As you can see, there is really nothing [Read More]

Sistrum Rhythm Platforms by Star Sound

June 3, 2015

      One and Four Shelves I have had many experiences with improvements in sound quality since I abandoned building cabinets and isolation type devices for myself. Of those I have purchased in the [Read More]

Tripoint Thor SE Grounding Cable

April 10, 2015

  Perhaps some readers were surprised that I nominated the Tripoint Thor SE grounding cables as one of my “Most Wanted Components,” as it is something merely attached to the Tripoint Troy Signature grounding unit. [Read More]

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