Author: Mike Wright

Aric Audio Super KT Push-Pull Monoblock Amplifiers

June 5, 2020

  I had an interesting introduction to Aric Audio. Fellow contributor, Terry “TJ” London, informed of Aric Audio, located in Brimfield, MA, a couple of years ago while he was working on a review for another [Read More]

Kinki Studio EX-M1 Integrated Amplifier by Michael Wright

April 30, 2020

Fellow Stereo Times reviewer Terry London told me about an exciting new integrated amplifier from a company called Kinki Studio. He had it in for review, while he was still writing for Home Theater Review, [Read More]

ESP Essence Reference II Power Cord and Essence Reference II Power Distributor

February 6, 2020

     I have a good friend named Danny who has an excellent sounding system. In fact, Danny has one of the best sounding analog based systems of anyone I know. At AXPONA 2018, Danny [Read More]

Saturn Audio 601 Stereo Amplifier

June 23, 2019

    I became very interested in Saturn Audio once I found out that Gilbert Yeung, he of Blue Circle Audio fame, would be designing and building electronics for them. When Yeung asked me if [Read More]

MastersounD BoX Integrated Amplifier

December 1, 2018

  Late last year, I had a chat with Robert Maicks of Star Sound Technologies when he mentioned that he would be at this year’s AXPONA show and that we would plan run into one [Read More]

JE Audio HP20 Phono Preamplifier

August 18, 2018

  This past year has felt like an age of discovery, an audio equipment renaissance in a lot of respects. A lot of us sit around talking with other audiophiles and we talk about how [Read More]

VAC Renaissance Mk V Preamp and Signature 200 iQ Amplifier

August 21, 2017

    Valve Amplification Company (VAC) is an American high-end audio equipment manufacturer that has been producing top tier vacuum tube gear since 1990. I remember enjoying their PA-90 amplifier back in the early days, [Read More]

Vermeer Audio TWO DAC/PRE Follow-up

November 18, 2016

  Follow-Up: I was quite flattered when Stereo Times publisher, Clement Perry, asked if I would be interested in doing a follow up to Dave Thomas’ review of the Vermeer Audio TWO DAC.  I was [Read More]

Lawrence Audio Double Bass Speakers

October 17, 2016

  I have long been a fan of Lawrence Audio speakers. This high-end loudspeaker manufacturer from Taiwan has some of the most beautiful and innovative speaker designs I’ve seen. I first heard one of their [Read More]

Aurorasound PREDA Preamplifier

April 6, 2016

  The Aurorasound PREDA (Preamplfier for Digital Audio) is a solid-state preamplifier from Japan that breaks the mold of what you would typically expect from one of the non-mainstream (for lack of a better word) [Read More]

Dynamique Audio (62)Essence (63)Classe Audio (68)

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