Author: Jonathan Foote

WANTED: Sidekicks and the Right Sort of Mate

February 3, 2002

WANTED: Sidekicks and the Right Sort of Mate Commentary Jonathan Foote 3 February 2002 How Does One Make it in High-End Audio Journalism? Is it necessary to have earned electrical engineering degrees? Excepting the Ph.D. [Read More]

The High End’s High Colonic

January 6, 2002

The High End’s High Colonic Commentary Jonathan Foote 6 January 2002 Every so often, we journalists of the High End (Audiophilia’s better part of town), we exalted few, we demigods, we matinee idols, we heart-throbs, [Read More]

The Birthplace Of High End Audio

December 11, 2001

The Birthplace Of High End Audio Commentary Jonathan Foote 11 December 2001 On the Arugula Archipelago one blustery evening in 1937 (www.visitarugulagotcha.aa), my father, Decibellum Tewleffte Foote, was the first to stumble upon one of [Read More]

Jonathan’s Best Foote Forward

November 24, 2001

Jonathan’s Best Foote Forward Commentary Jonathan Foote November 2001 In thinking back over my meteoric rise to Mach 5-fame in the Empire of Audiophilia (upon which the sun never sets), I’m mindful of the question [Read More]

A New And Improved Shortcut To Product Evaluation

May 3, 2001

A New And Improved Shortcut To Product Evaluation Commentary Jonathan Foote 3 May 2001 Remember when the feds reintroduced the two-dollar bill? It bombed. Too young for that one? Okay then, remember that dollar coin, [Read More]

Dress Rehearsal

October 18, 2000

Dress Rehearsal Commentary Jonathan Foote 18 October 2000 As much as I enjoy being the world’s foremost authority, the income isn’t what it might be. I’ve been thinking about a money-making enterprise I’d like to [Read More]

La Moule Chauve: World’s Best CD Player?

September 15, 2000

La Moule Chauve: World’s Best CD Player?   Jonathan Foote 15 September 2000 Several months ago I received from the French consulate, hand delivered, a prototype CD player the development of which has been funded [Read More]

A Night Out-Of-Doors

August 14, 2000

A Night Out-Of-Doors Commentary Jonathan Foote 14 August 2000 Moi-self and Edith Piaf, my faithful French finch, stepped cautiously from our sophisticated loft abutting everything interesting and finding no paparazzi poised to spring — they’re [Read More]

Welcome To My Vacuum

July 24, 2000

Welcome To My Vacuum Commentary Jonathan Foote July 2000 When last we met, I left you clutching at the hem of my jellaba, thirsting for guidance, direction, intelligence. As a parting token, I tossed out [Read More]

Alternating Current: Nasty or Nice?

June 24, 2000

Alternating Current: Nasty or Nice? Commentary Jonathan Foote June 2000 The Stereo Times is honored to welcome Jonathan Foote to its roster of contributors. In addition to being a widely published writer — his work [Read More]

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