Author: Jim Merod

Birdland Audio ODEON-Lite 24-bit DAC

April 28, 2000

Birdland Audio ODEON-Lite 24-bit DAC   Jim Merod 28 April 2000 Specifications Five digital inputs: (2) RCA/Coax; BNC; Optical; AES/EBU32 Hz, 44.1 Hz, 48 Hz, & 96 Hz sampling ratesdedicated on-board analog-output volume potTrue “Dual” [Read More]

The LINN CD-12 – part 2

December 29, 1999

The LINN CD-12 – part 2 Compact Disc Reproduction Extraordinaire! Jim Merod 29 December 1999 Note: for technical specifications refer to “Part One“. Price: $20,000. Approx. no. Of dealers – 100 worldwide. Manufacturer: Linn Products, Ltd.Floors Rd, [Read More]

The Linn Sondek CD-12

December 6, 1999

The Linn Sondek CD-12 Compact Disc Reproduction Extraordinaire! Jim Merod 6 December 1999 Specifications Digital outputs: one BNC with Linn “sync link”; one AES/EBU balanced XLR; one ST optical; one TosLink optical.Analogue outputs: two pairs [Read More]

Art Farmer & Milt Jackson

October 1, 1999

Art Farmer & Milt Jackson   Jim Merod October 1999 “Milt Jackson and Art Farmer were foxes in the chicken coop. They were direct and subtle simultaneously. Their art depended upon nuances and shading even [Read More]

Conrad-Johnson CAV-50 Vacuum-Tube Control Amplifier

April 26, 1999

Conrad-Johnson CAV-50 Vacuum-Tube Control Amplifier   Jim Merod 26 April 1999 Specifications Power: [pentode] 45 watts/channel RMS into 8 ohms; [triode] 22 watts/channel RMS into 8 ohms;Sensitivity: 500 mv to full powerGain to PRE out: [Read More]

The E.S.P. “Concert Grand” Speakers

May 24, 1998

The E.S.P. “Concert Grand” Speakers Re-printed with permission from Planet HiFi Jim Merod 1998 The very large Sean McCaughan-designed E.S.P. “Concert Grand” loudspeakers are remarkable for their relaxed presentation of largescale musical dynamics. They are not the [Read More]

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