Author: Don Shaulis

Devialet 200

September 4, 2015

  Being of diminutive stature I had known that “Small is Beautiful” long before I read the seminal work of the British economist, E.F. Schumacher (Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People [Read More]

2015 Newport HE Show

June 8, 2015

The fifth anniversary of The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. Show) Newport Beach was held at a new venue, The Hotel Irvine. And what a venue it was. The listening rooms were the best I have [Read More]

Aesthetix Romulus Signature

January 17, 2015

Design and Features The Aesthetix Romulus is a vacuum tube-output Red Book CD player that incorporates all the features and functions of the Aesthetix Pandora DAC. Besides being a happy Aesthetix Calypso Signature owner, what [Read More]

EnigmAcoustics Electrostatic Super Tweeter

June 19, 2013

Take Your System to New Sonic Heights While wandering the halls of CES 2013 searching for enlightenment I entered the room of a company I had never heard of and was immediately intrigued. ENIGMAcoustics was [Read More]

CES Sponsor

May 3, 2013

    Just as winter is the pause before spring’s rebirth, I found taking one year off from attending CES was refreshing. As I walked the halls and visited the rooms in 2012, I could [Read More]

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Stereo Amplifier

May 14, 2012

    May, 2012 For some reason there remain relatively undiscovered gems in the audio world. The Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amplifier is one of them. Certainly their designer, Roger Sanders, has been around the [Read More]

JPS Labs Aluminata Reference Series Cables

March 1, 2012

JPS Labs Aluminata Reference Series Cables Unparalleled Clarity   March, 2012                  The trouble with wires is there is no soldering gun control legislation. Anyone can walk into a hardware store and walk out, $20 [Read More]

Quad ESL 2805

July 27, 2011

Quad ESL 2805 Tried and True/New and Improved   July 2011        With all the new technology and manufacturing techniques, it seems strange to be reviewing a speaker that has its roots in the 1940’s. Or [Read More]

Acoustic Technologies Classic Series Loudspeakers

February 8, 2011

  Little Speaker—Big Sound     February 2011                        After too many years at CES and T.H.E. Show I had grown weary of expensive boxes and worse yet, monoliths that loomed over me as [Read More]

Analysis Audio Omega Loudspeakers

July 20, 2009

Analysis Audio Omega Loudspeakers Outside the Box    July 2009                       I love boxes, all kinds of boxes. Wood boxes with nice inlaid tops, sturdy cardboard boxes, rugged large boxes, and cute little boxes. Some [Read More]

Als Audio (66)DR Acoustics (78)DR Acoustics (79)

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