Author: Constantine Soo

High-End Values

September 25, 2002

High-End Values Commentary Constantine Soo 25 September 2002 The High-End audio industry is resplendent with value-oriented products as well as cost-no-object, performance-oriented ones. In the course of reviewing, rather than criticizing the shortcomings of the [Read More]

A Conversation with Brian Morris of Linn

September 18, 2002

A Conversation with Brian Morris of Linn Interview Constantine Soo 18 September 2002 Brian Morris of Linn stopped by San Francisco on June 7 2002 after the New York Show, and we got together for [Read More]

Linn Ikemi Integrated CD Player

September 17, 2002

Linn Ikemi Integrated CD Player   Constantine Soo 17 September 2002 Specifications Specifications:Analog Outputs: XLR (1 pair), RCA (2 pairs)Output Level: 2 Vms single-ended, 4Vms balancedDigital Outputs: SPDIF × 1 (with Sync Link), AES/EBU × 1, TOSLINK x 1Conversion [Read More]

Loth-X BS1 2-way Bookshelf Speaker

August 23, 2002

Loth-X BS1 2-way Bookshelf Speaker   Constantine Soo 23 August 2002 Specifications Type: 2-way, bass reflex (Single-Wiring only)Tweeter: 1-inch cloth with magnetic fluid (for ambience only)Main driver: 6-inch Loth-X paper cone and cloth surround with shieldingFrequency [Read More]

ELAC 518 Loudspeaker

June 24, 2002

ELAC 518 Loudspeaker   Constantine Soo 24 June 2002 Specifications Type: 3-way, bass reflex Tweeter: 1 × JET Tweeter Midrange: 1 × 115 mm cone Woofer: 2 ×180 mm cone Frequency Range: 28 Hz – 35k Hz Crossover Frequencies: 500 Hz/3800 [Read More]

47 Laboratory’s 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC

May 8, 2002

47 Laboratory’s 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC   Constantine Soo 8 April 2002 Specifications 4713 Flatfish:DAC: 4x oversampling, 1-bitDigital Output: 2 Coaxial (RCA) outputsAnalog Output: 1 Unbalanced (RCA) outputDimensions: 170mm × 245mm [Read More]

47 Laboratory’s 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC

April 21, 2002

47 Laboratory’s 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC: A Background Commentary Constantine Soo 21 April 2002 April 2002 marks the twenty-first anniversary of the CD, and in that time the format has gone [Read More]

Granite Audio #560 AC Cord

February 4, 2002

Granite Audio #560 AC Cord   Constantine Soo 4 February 2002 Specifications 10awg copper power cordHubbell 8215C Hospital Grade PlugWattaGate IEC plugNon-inline toroidal type EMI& RFI filtration at both ends from DC to 1MHz Price: [Read More]

One Audiophile’s View

January 16, 2002

One Audiophile’s View Commentary Constantine Soo 16 January 2002 Sometime ago on its website, Stereophile asked its readers opinions on the ageless debate of choosing between audio accuracy and euphony. The politically correct answer is nothing other [Read More]

Audio Note M3 Preamplifier

November 30, 2001

Audio Note M3 Preamplifier   Constantine Soo 30 November 2001 Specifications Weight: 16kgDimensions: 141(H) × 445(W) x 410(D)(mm)Power Consumption: 81W with 1A anti-surge fusesInput impedance: 100K line input and 47K phono inputGain: 8.2 Line in [Read More]

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