Author: Anthony Callendar

Ken Burns Jazz

April 25, 2001

Ken Burns Jazz   Anthony Callendar — Mr. Kinda Blu 25 April 2001 For weeks people debated the pros and cons of Ken Burns’ mega-documentary Jazz. There were those, and I sympathize with them, who [Read More]

Kinda Blu – Spring 2000

April 1, 2000

Kinda Blu – Spring 2000 Anthony “Kinda Blu” Callendar April 2000 New and Noteworthy One for all and all for one. “One for All” comprised of Eric Alexander (ts), Jim Rotondi (tp), Steve Davis (tb), [Read More]

Hello Eric!

December 13, 1999

Hello Eric! Anthony “Kinda Blu” Callender 13 December 1999 Eric Dolphy lives! Yes, Eric Dolphy is alive! “Eric Dolphy, The Illinois Concert”, (Blue Note 724349982628) showcases the “Wise One” with an up and coming 22 [Read More]

Remembering a Lyrical and Soooooo Sweet Trumpeter

September 1, 1999

Remembering a Lyrical and Soooooo Sweet Trumpeter   Anthony Callendar September 1999 “I remember as a child, hearing my father play his jazz records . . . most of which didn’t sound like much to [Read More]

Must Getz: Jazz for the Newcomer

June 13, 1999

Must Getz: Jazz for the Newcomer Anthony Callender 13 June 1999 My niece asked me to write something for newcomers to jazz! Funny, that’s what I thought I was doing! O.K., I’ll give it another [Read More]

Kinda Blu’s” Jazz Report

April 30, 1999

Kinda Blu’s” Jazz Report Anthony Callender 30 April 1999 Commentary As you can see we switched labels, I mean websites. Since last time I’ve received some interesting e-mail regarding my column. One writer wants to [Read More]

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