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Munich High End 2023 Key Kim Report Page 4

June 15, 2023

Absolare/Rockport Technologies/Metronome Kalista/Nagra The Absolare room sounded very striking. It was always crowded. The Rockport Orion speakers were singing driven by the Absolare Hybrid Altius mono amplifiers (120,000/pair), plus the Absolare Eternum preamplifier (85,000) uses [Read More]

Munich High End 2023 key Kim Report Page 3

June 15, 2023

  Thrax Audio/Hemingway Audio The first room I visited was by Rumen Artaski of Thrax Audio. There I was happy to see Mr. Jung of Hemingway Audio. Together they created a fabulous-sounding room. Artaski showcased [Read More]

Munich High End 2023 key Kim Report

June 15, 2023

Once again, the High-End Munich 2023, Europe’s biggest and most renowned audio trade show from May 18th to 21st, was spectacular! I was like a big kid in a candy store, and I wouldn’t have [Read More]

Capital Audio Fest 2022 by Bill Wells

May 24, 2023

Finally, after nearly a three-year hiatus from attending high-end audio shows, specifically during the pandemic shutdown, I recently found my way back and attended the Capital Audio Fest (The East Coast’s Premier Audio Show). Once [Read More]

SR cables

May 24, 2023

As a frequent user of Synergistic Research (SR) cables, I received an invitation earlier this year from Andy Wiederspahn, Vice President of Operations at SR, Wiederspahn…

Silent Angel Munich M1T streamer, Bonn N8 network switch, and Forester LPS by David Abramson

April 21, 2023

  A stream(er) of conscious poesy I told Silent Angel dealer Rob Fritz, the man who graciously facilitated this review of these here Silent Angel units, that I thought it would be difficult to wax [Read More]

Aurender N20 Music Server/Streamer by Don Shaulis

April 18, 2023

  Life has kicked me in the rear many times. When I was younger, I complained about how much my butt hurt. In retrospect, my mature self realizes that each boot moved me forward or [Read More]


April 18, 2023

Life has kicked me in the rear many times. When I was younger, I complained about how much my butt hurt….


February 13, 2023

My journey in high-end audio has evolved immensely within the past 15 years. I have had the luxury of experiencing a plethora of audio equipment via purchasing, auditioning, and reviewing. 

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