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Coda CSiB Integrated by Richard Willie

April 5, 2021

   If there were an appropriate one-word description of the Coda Technologies CSiB, “smooth” would be it. Though smooth is the word that stands out in my mind when thinking about the Coda CSiB, it [Read More]

Canary Audio M350 monoblocks by Key Kim

March 1, 2021

I’ve reviewed many tube amplifiers from SET to Push-Pull in the past several years using various types of output tubes. I’ve reviewed everything from the legendary Audio Note Kondo Ongaku amplifier to a more approachable [Read More]

Schiit Audio Freya + Tube Preamplifier by Paul Szabady

February 17, 2021

  I’ve always been on the look-out for audio gear that produces seriously high fidelity at a price that the average-incomed music lover might actually afford. Since it’s now possible to spend over $1,000,000 on [Read More]

LSA Discovery DPH-1 DAC/Headphone preamp by Greg Voth

February 2, 2021

    The pandemic provided ample time to clean up and add to my digital library since in-person record shopping was necessarily curtailed. I took time to (fully) organize and flesh out ID3 tags and [Read More]

Aric Audio Motherlode MK-II Preamplifier by Terry London

January 23, 2021

  Starting four years ago, I began to review the tube-based amplifiers designed and hand-built by Aric Kimball, CEO/Designer of the highly regarded small artisan company, Aric Audio, located in Palmer, Massachusetts. I gave the [Read More]

PS Audio’s Stellar M1200 monblocks by Richard Willie

December 16, 2020

Effortless. Detailed. Dynamic. Powerful. Articulate. Clean. Controlled. Musical. Fun. The PS Audio Stellar M1200 Power Amplifiers are more than just good “Class D” amplifiers; they are great amplifiers regardless of the technology employed. With a [Read More]

The Sonogy Black Knight MKII Power Amplifier

November 18, 2020

The Sonogy Black Knight MKII Power Amplifier Audio Serendipity Anna Logg 18 November 2002 Specifications: Class of operation: very high bias A-A/BGain Stage: pure class AVoltage output: 37.0, 74.0 monoCurrent: 40 A peak (<100 mSec); 10 [Read More]

The Quick and Dirty 300B tube shoot-out

September 24, 2020

  The 300B vacuum tube must be one of the most talked-about vacuum tube models, especially in Asia. Critics like to pan it as hyped-up, before introducing their own favourite directly heated triode tube. Others [Read More]

Lejonklou Boazu integrated amplifier by David Abramson

September 18, 2020

Me, you… Boazu!! I was once given a test by a professor to determine broadly whether I viewed the world in abstract or was more detail-oriented. I was shown pictures in which there were myriad [Read More]

Orchard Audio STARKRIMSON (BOSC) Mono amplifiers By Ross Wagner

June 29, 2020

When bad news becomes a welcome surprise.  I’m a tube guy. Yup, you know, those big power amps that suck up kilowatt-hours and $$$ as tubes die, often taking resistors and other assorted electronic items [Read More]

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