Author: Richard Willie

Coda Technologies Coda No. 8 Amplifier and 07x Preamplifier Review by Richard Willie

March 4, 2024

    It has been over a year since I had the privilege of evaluating the Coda Technologies CSiB integrated amplifier. My experience with Coda Technologies’ products continued. Soon after, I was allowed to review [Read More]

Tekton Design Nebo Loudspeaker

February 9, 2023

Tekton Design’s new Nebo speakers produce beautiful tones and sounds that envelop the listener in a rich and full experience. The deep bass notes reverberate with a powerful force, the mid-range frequencies are balanced and [Read More]

Denafrips Terminator II by Richard Willie

September 20, 2022

    A quality of music reproduction that is often overlooked but that I feel is critical when evaluating a component is whether the reproduced music sounds interesting. The Denafrips Terminator II DAC (herein, Terminator [Read More]

Denafrips Hermes D to D converter by Richard Willie

January 20, 2022

  Many find that vinyl records have a sound that is natural, alive, and relaxed all at the same time. This review isn’t about vinyl records – this review is about the Denafrips Hermes Digital [Read More]

Coda CSiB Integrated by Richard Willie

April 5, 2021

   If there were an appropriate one-word description of the Coda Technologies CSiB, “smooth” would be it. Though smooth is the word that stands out in my mind when thinking about the Coda CSiB, it [Read More]

PS Audio’s Stellar M1200 monblocks by Richard Willie

December 16, 2020

Effortless. Detailed. Dynamic. Powerful. Articulate. Clean. Controlled. Musical. Fun. The PS Audio Stellar M1200 Power Amplifiers are more than just good “Class D” amplifiers; they are great amplifiers regardless of the technology employed. With a [Read More]

Tekton Design 4-10 Subwoofer by Richard Willie

August 3, 2020

Tekton Design 4-10 Subwoofer I have a love-hate relationship with subwoofers; or at least I did. The Tekton Design 4-10 Subwoofers have proven to be some of the easiest subs I’ve ever set up, with the [Read More]

Bybee iQSE Clarifiers: A First time Encounter

January 16, 2020

  This review follows that of Mr. Greg Voth’s, and unlike him, I cannot claim that I am starting from a clean slate in reviewing the Bybee iQSE Clarifiers. To the contrary, I am writing [Read More]

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