Author: Paul Zsabady

Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Loudspeakers by Paul Szabady

March 15, 2020

SEARCHING FOR A REFERENCE BUDGET LOUDSPEAKER There are those who hold that the recording is the weakest link in any Hi-Fi system. Then there are those who hold that the medium of that recording is [Read More]

Graham Slee Accession MC Moving Coil Phono Preamplifier

July 28, 2019

    After my ecstatic listening experiences with the Graham Slee moving-magnet Accession phono preamp, reading of Slee’s travails in developing a low-output MC version Accession at his UK website’s Forum section (here) did not [Read More]

Graham Slee Proprius Monoblock Power Amplifiers

June 30, 2019

      My recent experiences reviewing Graham Slee’s top phono stages – the Accession MM (moving-magnet sensitivity) and the Accession MC (low output moving-coil) – left me so impressed with their musical and sonic [Read More]

Schiit Audio Aegir Class A Power Amplifier

June 1, 2019

  Schiit Audio is the most maverick of a group of companies that have risen to prominence in recent years serving the Computer World market. Initially focusing on small, high-quality inexpensive DAC’s, headphone amps, and [Read More]

Origin Live Enterprise C Tonearm

May 16, 2019

              I’ve had a long and comprehensive experience of Origin Live’s tonearms, dating back to Mark Baker’s (OL’s head and founder) modified Rega RB250 and RB300 tonearms. I was [Read More]

Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm

April 13, 2019

      Just How Good Should It Sound?   After my experience of “Spring Cleaning with Origin Live” (see review here) I managed to set up my ‘Reference’ listening room system with 6 different [Read More]

The Origin Live Resolution Mk 4 Turntable

March 23, 2019

One of the signs that the current Vinyl Revival (I keep forgetting if we’re in the Golden Age of Vinyl IV, V, or XXV) is more than a superficial trend is the re-appearance of the [Read More]

Cartridge Man MusicMaster Phono Cartridge

January 28, 2019

I was in my mid-20’s when I began to deeply immerse myself into Western Classical music. By the mid 1970’s, much of the inspiration, fire, and revolution of the 1960’s Music Renaissance had burned itself out, [Read More]

Graham Slee Accession Phono Preamplifier

December 18, 2018

I’ve had a long, rewarding, and musically exalted experience with Graham Slee’s line of solid-state phono preamplifiers. I’ve reviewed 4 of them for the Stereo Times in the past (Gram Amp 2SE, Era Gold V, [Read More]

puresound P10 Phono Preamplifier

October 25, 2018

    The puresound P10 is an all-tube phono preamplifier designed to work with phono cartridges of medium to high output requiring a 47K Ohm loading impedance.  A stand-alone moving-coil transformer is available at extra [Read More]

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