Author: Nelson Brill

HE 2005 Nelson Brill

January 30, 2016

HE2005 Show REPORT – PRETZELS AND SONIC DELIGHTS As good music and food go hand in hand, I must confess that my first delight at attending the Home Entertainment 2005 Show (HE2005) in New York [Read More]

Wading Into Woody’s Deep Pool of Inspiration

September 1, 2012

  September, 2012               In this celebratory season of Woody Guthrie’s 100th Birthday, it is only fitting that we take a stroll down the old cobblestone alleys of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. to find [Read More]

Behind The Scenes at Tanglewood – the 75th Anniversary Season

August 1, 2012

                                                                                                                                                            August, 2012       “The world that fiction comes from is fragile. It melts into insignificance against the universe of what is clear and visible and known. It persists because it is based [Read More]

Aurum Acoustics Integris Active 300B Fully Integrated Audio System

July 12, 2012

         The ticket agent seated behind his window was cordial enough, although he did give me a skeptical look as he handed over my ticket. I realized that he probably gave such [Read More]

Classical Epiphanies – Spring Concerts and Gem Recordings

June 5, 2011

    June 2011 The infant Bacchus was throwing a laughing glance from across the balcony. (Bacchus is the Roman adoption of the Greek God, Dionysus, the God of wine, merriment, music making and, on [Read More]

Accuphase E-450 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

February 8, 2011

Accuphase E-450 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Quicksilver Triumph      February 2011       Arriving through the Hickory Gate at the Tanglewood Music Center (“TMC”) this past August, I paused to hear the sound of a lone [Read More]


December 11, 2010

HOLIDAY GRAB BAG OF [WORLDLY] RECORDING GEMS FOR 2010 December 2010                            On a recent October evening, we gather to huddle around the musical fire being stoked by the great conga player Poncho Sanchez and [Read More]

Jean-Marie Reynaud “Bliss” Loudspeaker

August 30, 2010

  Miniature Garden of Delight    August 2010         If you can pull yourself away from searching through the stacks of vintage recordings found in the cavernous space of “Amoeba Records” located in the [Read More]

Quantum Resonance Technology: Quantum Powerstrip

May 14, 2010

Quantum Resonance Technology: Quantum Powerstrip (“QBase”) and Modular Field Generation Devices (“Qx2 and Qx4”) “Quantumize” me!    May 2010               Coming through the huge vestibule of the Great Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of [Read More]


November 16, 2009

THIEL CS 3.7 LOUDSPEAKERS Strutting Its Stuff    December 2009                 There is a buzz of anticipation as pianist extraordinaire Ahmad Jamal makes his way to the small stage at the Regattabar here in Cambridge, MA., [Read More]

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