Author: Moreno Mitchell

Creation Ultimate series cables

October 4, 2016

Another cable review? “Nope and not interested” was my initial gut response I have to admit. Nearly a year ago, I had completed a comprehensive follow-up review on the outstanding Gobel Lacorde Statement cables that [Read More]

Gobel Lacorde Statement cables: Follow-up

December 31, 2015

  A follow-up to Clement Perry’s insightful review of the Göbel Lacorde Statement cables. For centuries the Göbel trademark of Germany has been known for its manufacturing inventiveness, excellence and high quality. In order to continue this [Read More]

Stillpoints’ Aperture Acoustic Panels

November 17, 2015

  When one thinks of popular Stillpoints isolation devices, you immediately think of their world renowned Ultra SS, Ultra 5, 6, and their ESS Racks (right). Stillpoints has provided great demonstrations of their brand through [Read More]

PS Audio PerfectWave P5

May 5, 2015

  Last summer 2014, I had the luxury of reviewing the limited edition Bybee AC Holographic AC conditioner (limited edition as in only 10 were manufactured). I still feel fortunate because the Bybee conditioner is [Read More]

The Bybee Curl Holographic Power Source

July 1, 2014

    I admit, I’m excited. It’s been some years since the seasoned physicist Jack Bybee has introduced a new product. His previous Bybee Pure Stealth AC conditioner was so far above the rest, in [Read More]

Audio Magic Oracle 24 AC Line Enhancer

February 26, 2014

Never Say Never!  Audio Magic was formed in 1998 specializing in the manufacturing of silver cables. However, as the company grew, they decided to explore/expand their patented technology into building passive field conditioners. The primary focus [Read More]

Ultra Systems HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuses

May 13, 2011

Ultra Systems HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuses Fine Tuning For Your System    May 2011        Back in December of 2007 I wrote my very first review for Stereo Times. It was a review about fuses of [Read More]

MIT Oracle MA-X Digital AES/EBU

April 23, 2011

MIT Oracle MA-X Digital AES/EBU To See 3-D    April 2010       For more years than I want to admit, I have experienced the joys and the subsequent disappointments of trying to find the ultimate [Read More]


May 30, 2008

ASCENDO C8 RENAISSANCE LOUDSPEAKER Beauty conquers Brawn   May 2008                   Short Story: (A few weeks in the life)Week One: Delivery, easy setup, no fuss, fit and finish are first class. Did some non-critical [Read More]


March 18, 2008

  Addressing the Room   March 2008               In the past, I believed I could obtain the best sonics possible by purchasing the best components and cables my money could buy. With that mindset, [Read More]

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