Author: Jason Thorpe

Cable Reality Check

April 25, 2001

Cable Reality Check   Jason Thorpe 25 April 2001 Specifications Items under Review: Kimber Bifocal XL speaker cable. Price 8′ pair $1920.00 USDKimber Hero Interconnect. Price 1.0 M pair $150.00 USDKimber TAC Hybrid tonearm cable. [Read More]

The Ensemble Fonovivo Phono Preamplifier

January 22, 2001

The Ensemble Fonovivo Phono Preamplifier   Jason Thorpe 22 January 2001 Specifications Bandwidth: 10 Hz – 85 kHz (-3dB points)RIAA Accuracy: 20 Hz – 20 kHzLine Level Output: Max 9.5 VrmsPhase correctTolerating Low impedance loads [Read More]

Lyra SPT Stylus Cleaner/Treatment Evaluation

July 26, 2000

Lyra SPT Stylus Cleaner/Treatment Evaluation   Jason Thorpe 26 July 2000 Specifications Manufacturer of Lyra:Scan-Tech Co. Ltd.Rowal Daita #1023-53-14 DaitaSetagaya-kuTokyo 155-0033, JapanTel: Distributor of Lyra in the USA:Immedia1717A Fourth StreetBerkeley, CA 94607, USATel: 510-559-2050Fax: [Read More]

Looking for Mr. Goodcar

June 20, 2000

Looking for Mr. Goodcar   Jason Thorpe 20 June 2000 “When it comes to amplifiers, strange as it seems, America makes the best ones. The Japanese are starting to catch up, but the US still [Read More]

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