Author: Jason Serinus

AudioPrism SuperNatural S2 Power Conductor

December 26, 2002

AudioPrism SuperNatural S2 Power Conductor Worthy of its Title Jason Serinus 26 December 2002 Specifications 9 AWG6 ft. $1500  Address:AudioPrism2729 152nd Avenue NE.Redmond, WA 98052  Telephone: 425-869-8482Fax: 425-869-1873Email: byron@audioprism.comWebsite: Introduction “Some months back, Mark Levinson contacted [Read More]

Holiday Music to Soothe, Amuse, and Inspire

December 4, 2002

Holiday Music to Soothe, Amuse, and Inspire Part One Jason Serinus 5 December 2002 The high quality of this year’s holiday-inspired releases comes as a welcome surprise. Until I began to play the first disc in my quite high review [Read More]

Audiomod Upgrades to the Sony DVP-NS500V and other SACD Players

October 14, 2002

Audiomod Upgrades to the Sony DVP-NS500V and other SACD Players   Jason Serinus 14 October 2002 Specifications Includes the modification of all 6 audio channels and the power supply including the installation of Black Gate [Read More]

The Serinus Report

October 7, 2002

The Serinus Report Music Reviews Jason Serinus 10 October 2002 Lamento-Daniel Taylor, countertenor; Theatre of Early Music [ATMA Baroque ACD2 2261] Hearing the beauty and pathetic purity of Daniel Taylor’s countertenor as he enters to repeat, over and [Read More]

Opera Obsession!: Opera D/ORO’S Greatest Hits

September 6, 2002

The Serinus Report Music Reviews Jason Serinus 6 September 2002 Opera Obsession!: Opera D/ORO’S Greatest Hits – OPD-1001 Attention, opera lovers and those who are trying to figure out why vocal fanatics go so nuts [Read More]

Single Crystal Evaluation

January 4, 2000

Single Crystal Evaluation The Harmonic Technology Entry Level Line Featuring Precision-Link, Cyber-Link, Pro AC-II, and Melody Line Jason Serinus 4 January 2000 Specifications (2) $129/one-meter RCA-terminated Precision-Link interconnects.(2) $99 one-meter/BNC-terminated Cyber-Link Copper digital interconnects.(1) $250 [Read More]

Reflections On Reviewing and Resolution

October 10, 1999

Reflections On Reviewing and Resolution Commentary Jason Serinus 10 October 1999 “I traveled to the New York City area and had the opportunity to experience some of the recordings I love most played on the system [Read More]

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