Author: Eujin Hong

VH Audio Cables

February 2, 2007

VH Audio Cables Another Most Wanted indeed   February 2007          Enter VH Audio I first came across Chris VenHaus years ago, when I stumbled on his enthusiast site while surfing the ‘Net for DIY [Read More]

Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline SR-71 Headphone Amplifier

June 24, 2005

Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline SR-71 Headphone Amplifier Can You Take It With You?   June 2005        Come Fly With MeMany audiophiles, like travel enthusiasts, love a good bargain. After all, it’s only a natural [Read More]

Bel Canto eVo2i Gen II Integrated Amplifier

November 22, 2004

Bel Canto eVo2i Gen II Integrated Amplifier The Brave New World? Eujin Hong November 2004 The Short Version I have a confession to make: I’ve done you, our faithful readers, a bit of a disservice. [Read More]

Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplifier

July 16, 2004

Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplifier The Real Deal? Eujin Hong  July 2004 The Evil Empire? Everyone loves a giant killer. It’s a simple story: the underdog versus the defending champ; the little guy takes on the [Read More]

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