Year: 2015

CARDAS audio Clear Beyond AC Cord

October 23, 2015

      In my latest round of reading about this hobby of ours – in The Stereo Times, of course – two recent passages have stuck with me: ·       “Yeah, I said it. I [Read More]

Silverline Audio Prelude Plus Loudspeakers

October 23, 2015

     Back in 2007, I reviewed an improved version of the Silverline Audio Prelude speakers, which impressed me to the point that they became my Reference loudspeakers. The upgraded version had an improved crossover [Read More]

RMAF 2015 Page 3

October 19, 2015

Besides all the good music and audio equipment at RMAF, the most important thing I think we have a tendency to take for granted are people we get the rare chance to see and greet. [Read More]

RMAF 2015 page 2

October 16, 2015

NJ-based distributor Bill Parish of GTT Audio (above) has been on a pretty amazing trend of late. Over the past two years Parish has actually been lowering the price of admission into the world of [Read More]

2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 14, 2015

This year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a personal high for me and no, I do not smoke legalized Colorado weed (though I smelled it on more than a few occasions). This Audio Fest was [Read More]

Return to MG Audio Design

October 8, 2015

    It was back in 2012 when I was first introduced to MG Audio Design. The two principal owners of the company, Chief Product Developer Lee Matuszczak, and Chief Operations Officer Greg Graff had [Read More]

Emerald Physics EP4.7 Loudspeaker: The Follow UP!

October 8, 2015

When the Emerald Physics EP 4.7 speakers arrived at my house on a large pallet, I knew I was in for a treat – and a bit of a backache. Whether it was a stroke [Read More]

Curious Cables – USB Cable

September 28, 2015

Introduction Curious Cables is a new Australian audiophile cable company. However, founder Rob Woodland was previously manufacturer of the well known bullet plug, under licence from Keith Eichmann. The USB cable under review took 12 months [Read More]

Charisma Audio MC-2 Phono Cartridge

September 23, 2015

        I’ll admit that I have always thought that mating a good tonearm and cartridge was one of the easiest things you could do in setting up a hi-fi system. All you [Read More]

Bowers & Wilkins Model P7 Headphones

September 22, 2015

Bowers & Wilkins is an electronics manufacturing company that was created in 1966 with the intent of devising the world’s most accurate loudspeaker system for the purposes of listening to classical music in the most [Read More]

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