Jurgen Scheuring introduced the new Ascendo System F ($12k), another wonderfully sounding and more affordable loudspeaker, at this year's show. Here's another three-way system dipole loudspeaker that employs a rear-firing ribbon tweeter for greater ambiance retrieval. I'm told the loudspeaker will be making its arrival here in NY this summer.




Ralf Ballmann of Behold introduced the Gentile HDD external player to compliment the already remarkable Gentile integrated amplifier. I'm told that the HDD stores music on an solid-state buffer for  a few seconds after receiving it off the hard-drive. In addition to this, the Gentile integrated is now equipped handle music playback from your USB-enabled smart-card. Price and availability remain uncertain but I'm pretty certain I'll have one in my system by early fall.





Using the aesthetically gorgeous series of component stands from German Highend MasterClass once again both Carlos Sanchez and I were very impressed with the high-resolution playback. Like previous years, Ascendo and Behold always come in atop many audiophile's list and I certainly am always impressed by their combined sonic results. As the old saying goes if it works don't fix it. Synergy-wise, this year was the best yet if you asked me. The addition of the Gentile HDD-player and - perhaps better suited because of their smaller size - System F loudspeakers made the overall sound a standout. There existed a natural presence, an unforced flow this time around. The music seemed to flow with greater fluidity and without question appeared quieter as well.

As a matter of fact, the sound improved further once Acoustic Resonator Systems' Franck Tchang passed through and blessed the walls using his arsenal of precious metals ala resonators. Ralf Ballmann's a big fan of Tchang's resonators after first doubting their effectiveness back in 2004. That sounds like a long time ago considering the amount of respect Ballmann now holds for Tchang and his entire Acoustic System product line. 

Hope you enjoyed my photo tour of Munich High End 2009 as much as I did walking the show. Until next time.

See you at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October...