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- Summer 2012 -


Miles Davis: My First Concert




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Schumann: Fantasy, Kreisleriana, Papillons, Fantasiestuecke, Humoreske

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Saturday, February 24, 2018


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As the platter turns…

a visit to VPI Industries

Paul Mah


The Wells Audio Akasha Stereo Amplifier

...leaves me wondering what its upscale sibling, the Innamorata sounds like.

Greg Simmons


StillPoints Grids

Ah, nothing is like being free of acrylic!

Norm Luttbeg


Zentara IC-4 Interconnects & TF-8 Speaker Cables

Affordable and Fabulous

Greg Simmons


Rogue Audio's

 Ninety Nine (Super) Magnum Preamplifier

99 miles to nirvana?

Paul Mah



Best Tweak Ever?

Stephen Yan and Clement Perry




High-End Audio's Grand Emporium

Stephen Yan


The New Wywires Gold Interconnect Cable

A New Standard?

Russell Lichter


High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced Cables

The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Norm Luttbeg


Pass Labs XVR-1 Electronic Crossover

Approaching Sonic Nirvana

Dave Thomas


Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE MKIII, Element Series AC Cords, and MiGs

The Fifth E L E M E N T


Mike Girardi






The Burson Audio Conductor

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not… aw f*** it.

David Abramson


Skogrand SC Air Markarian 421 Speaker Cable

Your Silence Speaks Loudly

Clement Perry


A Day in the Life of GTT Audio and Video's Bill Parrish

And the sound of Mola Mola electronics

Clement Perry


Concert Fidelity's

ZL-120V2SE Mono amplifiers

The Aficionado's Dream?

Key Kim


Wire World Cable Technology – Platinum Eclipse Series Cables

Truly magical cables

Bill Wells


HiFiMAN HE-400 & HE-500 Headphones and EF-5 Amplifier

High-End Cans that Can and Do!

Frank Alles


Entreq Audio Apollo Cables

A Flat Out Reference


Dave Thomas


Emotive Audio's

Poeta Preamp

Poetic Justice


Greg Simmons


Torus Power RM 15 PLUS Isolation Transformer

Best I've Heard!


Norm Luttbeg


MG Audio Design Cables

A Flat Out Bargain


Dave Thomas


Mojo Audio AC Power Cables and Lucent Interconnects

More of a Good Thing


Frank Alles


The Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192

The Gestalt of listening


Paul Mah


The Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64

New and Improved!


Clement Perry


Vitus Audio RL-101 Reference Series Linestage

The DNA of Spectacular


Dave Thomas


The Dayens Ampino Stereo Power Amplifier

Beautifully Done!


David Abramson



CES 2013!



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