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Digital Audio / CD Players
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Title Author Date
Concert Fidelity ZL-120V2SE Mono Amplifiers Key Kim 12/28/2012
Emotive Audio's Poeta Preamp Greg Simmons 12/05/2012
Vitus Audio RL-101 Reference Series Linestage Dave Thomas 10/11/2012
The Dayens Ampino Stereo Power Amplifier David Abramson 10/11/2012
Kondo–Audio Note's Overture Integrated Amplifier Key Kim 09/17/2012
Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Preamplifier David Abramson 08/29/2012
Exemplar Audio WMTS XP-2 Fully Balanced Preamplifier Norm Luttbeg 07/23/2012
Jones Audio PA-M300 Series 2 Mono Amps Dave Thomas 05/22/2012
Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Stereo Amplifier Don Shaulis 05/14/2012
Classé Audio CP-800 Preamp Dave Thomas 04/20/2012
Reimyo KAP-777 Amplifier and CAT-777 MK II Preamplifier Kay Kim 04/10/2012
SMc Audio VRE-1C Preamplifier Norm Luttbeg 03/09/2012
The Concert Fidelity CF-080LSX2 Hybrid Preamplifier Kay Kim 02/27/2012
Vitus Audio RI-100 Integrated Amplifier Dave Thomas 01/02/2012
JAS Audio GP-120 Integrated Amplifier, GP-120CD CD Player and MM-3 loudspeakers Debra Goidel 10/13/2011
The Classe Audio CA-M600 Mono Amps Dave Thomas 10/12/2011
Lyngdorf Audio DPA-1 Digital Preamplifier Frank Alles 10/03/2011
Beyond Frontiers Tulip Integrated Amplifier Clement Perry 08/18/2011
Edge Electronics NL10.2 Amplifier and G2 Preamp Key Kim 05/17/2011
The Behold Gentle G-192 Integrated Amp Dave Thomas 02/24/2011
Accuphase E-450 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Nelson Brill 02/08/2011
NuForce’s Reference 18 Mono Power Amplifier Mike Silverton 10/06/2010
The Digital Amplifier Company Cherry Plus Amplifier Clement Perry 09/30/2010
Mactone XX-3000 Preamplifier and MH-300B Amplifier Michael Wright 09/16/2010
Hephaestus Audio HMA-1000 monoblock amplifiers Clement Perry 07/08/2010
Audio Valve Conductor Preamplifier Michael Wright 06/30/2010
The Valvet A3.5 mono block and Soulshine preamplifier Kay Kim 06/15/2010
Master Sound 845 mono amplifiers Kay Kim 03/10/2010
Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 Integrated Amplifier Frank Alles 02/09/2010
Vitus Audio SL-010 Preamp and SM-010 Mono Amps Dave Thomas 01/05/2010
Elliott Studio Arts Series Sixty-Six Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier Clement Perry 12/16/2009
Red Wine Audio Isabella Preamplifier David Abramson 09/02/2009
Whest Audio PS.30RDT Phono Preamplifier Frank Alles 07/16/2009
Blue Circle Audio BC703 High Precision Reference Phonostage Michael Wright 06/15/2009
Burmester 051 Integrated Amplifier Nelson Brill 05/01/2009
Bel Canto REF1000 MKII Amplifier Bill Wells 04/15/2009
Nuforce P-9 Preamp Alvester Garnett 02/23/2009
XLH M-2000 Mono Amps and SL-11XS Preamp Michael Wright 10/07/2008
Audio Analogue Maestro Duecento Integrated Amp and Maestro CD Player Dave Thomas 09/26/2008
Audio Valve Eklipse Preamplifier Michael Wright 09/17/2008
Spectron Audio Musician III Signature Edition MK2 Monoblocks (With V-Caps) Don Shaulis 08/29/2008
Further Thoughts: Living with the behold series of electronics Clement Perry 08/18/2008
PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two Integrated Tube Amplifier Frank Alles 06/18/2008
The Red Wine Audio 30.2 Integrated Amplifier David Abramson 07/22/2007
The Lavardin IT Integrated Amplifier Paul Szabady 05/20/2008
Behold’s Gentle G192 Integrated Amplifier Dennis Parham 04/29/2008
NuForce Reference 9 V2 SE Amplifiers Frank Alles 02/08/2008
Spectron Audio Musician III Signature Edition Don Shaulis 01/30/2008
The Audio Research LS17 Preamplifier David Abramson 12/21/2007
Conrad Johnson ACT2 Series 2 Preamplifier Michael Wright 12/01/2007
Bel Canto e.One M300 & REF1000 Amplifiers Russell Lichter 11/13/2007
The Melody MI880 Integrated Tube Amplifier Greg Petan 11/08/2007
Follow-Up: Mimetism 15.2 Integrated Amplifier Nelson Brill 10/19/2007
GamuT D3 Preamp and D200 MKIII Amplifier Michael Wright 08/24/2007
Bel Canto e.One PRe3 Preamplifier Craig Fitzpatrick 07/13/2007
The Vitus Audio SS-010 Integrated Amplifier Dave Thomas 06/08/2007
Mark Levinson No. 433 Triple Monaural Amplifier Nelson Brill 04/16/2007
The Trends Audio TA-10.1 Class T Integrated Amp Paul Szabady 03/14/2007
The Antique Sound Lab MG SI 15 DT Single-Ended Class A Tube Integrated Amplifier Paul Szabady 02/16/2007
Vitus SM-101 Monoblock amplifier Greg Petan 01/18/2007
Marantz SC-7S1 Preamplifier & MA-9S1 Mono Amplifier Lewis Lanese 01/02/2007
Blue Circle Audio BC3000MKII GZpz Preamp Dave Thomas 12/21/2006
The Karan Acoustics KA-S 450 Amplifier Greg Petan & Kay Kim 12/01/2006
Herron Audio VTSP-2 Line Stage H. Courtenay Osborne 11/21/2006
The Creek Destiny Integrated Amp Paul Szabady 11/01/2006
Blue Circle Audio BC208 Hybrid Mono Amplifiers Michael Wright 10/12/2006
Chapter Précis Integrated Alvester Garnett 10/05/2006
TIDAL Audio Preos Preamplifier and Impact Amplifier Michael Wright 06/26/2006
The Thor Crescendo Monoblock Amplifier Michael Wright 06/12/2006
Red Dragon Audio Leviathan mono amplifiers Craig Fitzpatrick 06/05/2006
Dignity Audio DA08SE 300B Mono Tube Amplifiers Frank Alles 05/25/2006
Luminance Audio KST-150 Power Amp Dave Thomas 04/11/2006
The DARED SL-2000A Preamp and VP-20 Power Amp Michael Wright 04/03/2006
Living with Behold’s BPA768 amplifiers and APU768 preamplifier Clement Perry 03/18/2006
NuForce Reference 8 follow up Alvester Garnett 03/07/2006
Pathos Logos Integrated Amplifier Nelson Brill 03/03/2006
Stello M200 Mono Amplifier Michael Wright 02/23/2006
Sonic Impact Model 5062 Super T Amp Paul Szabady 02/23/2006
The Reimyo PAT 777 and Krell Resolution Subwoofer Greg Petan 02/15/2006
The Cyrus 8vs Integrated Amplifier Paul Szabady 01/30/2006
Berendsen Analog One Phono Preamplifier H. Courtenay Osborne 01/27/2006
NuForce Reference 9 Amplifiers and Benchmark DAC1 Frank Alles 01/20/2006
Grommes 360 Monoblock Amplifiers Michael Wright 10/31/2005
Berendsen Audio PRE 1 SE and STA 150 SE Craig Fitzpatrick 08/09/2005
Lavardin Technologies IS Reference Integrated Amplifier Paul Szabady 07/21/2005
NuForce Reference 8 and 8B Analog-Switching Monoblocks Frank Alles 07/15/2005
Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline SR-71 Headphone Amplifier Eujin Hong 06/24/2005
Opera Audio Consonance A120 Hybrid Integrated Amp Dave Thomas 06/21/2005
PS Audio GCC-250 Control Amplifier Frank Alles 06/20/2005
The MBL 7008 and Mark Levinson 383 Integrated Amp Nelson Brill 05/19/2005
Classé Audio Delta Series CP500 Preamp and CA2200 Power Amplifier Dave Thomas 05/12/2005
Bel Canto PRe2 Bill Wells 04/18/2005
The Sonic Impact 5066 Class – T ™ Integrated Amp Paul Szabady 04/18/2005
Almarro Audio A50125A Integrated Amplifier Michael Wright 03/01/2005
Thor Audio TA-1000 Line Stage and TA-3000 Phono Stage Michael Wright 01/04/2005
Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamp Dave Thomas & Mike Wright 12/02/2004
Bel Canto eVo2i Gen II Integrated Amplifier Eujin Hong 11/22/2004
George Mark Audio Technologies First Overture DAC/Preamp Kay Kim 11/15/2004
Conrad Johnson Premier 350 Amplifier Michael Wright & H. Courtenay Osborne 09/01/2004
First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 MKII Preamplifier with Paramount Upgrade Nelson Brill 08/30/2004
The Silent Running Audio Ohio Class XL plus isoBASE™ Frank Peraino 08/17/2004
Gryphon Audio Encore Stereo Amplifier and Prelude Preamplifier Greg Petan 07/26/2004
Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplifier Eujin Hong 07/16/2004
Shanling Audio sp-80 Monoblock Amplifier Ron Nagle 07/07/2004
Soaring Audio SLC-A300 Amplifier Michael Wright 05/25/2004
Creek CD50 MK2 CD Player, Creek A50iR Integrated Amplifier and Creek OBH 15 Phono Preamplifier Paul Szabady 05/05/2004
The Sonic Euphoria PLC Michael Wright 04/24/2004
The deHavilland 845-G Amplifier and Ultra Verve Preamp Dave Thomas 04/13/2004
Budget-Amp Mini Trilogy Frank Alles 04/01/2004
The Flying Mole DAD-M100 pro HT monoblock amplifiers Clement Perry & Alvester Garnett 02/18/2004
Xindak Audio XA3200S Preamplifier Dave Thomas 02/05/2004
Conrad Johnson Premier 18LS and MF2500A Michael Wright 02/08/2004
Pass Labs X2.5 Preamplifier Joe Lamano 11/08/2003
darTZeel NHB-108 Model One Stereo Amp Marshall Nack 11/02/2003
Summary of Reviewing the Audio Note DAC 5 Constantine Soo 10/20/2003
YBA's Passion 1000 Mono Amplifiers Marshall Nack 10/08/2003
Bel Canto eVo2 Monoblock Amplifiers - revised Bill Wells 10/07/2003
The Tact Audio 2150 Amplifier Clement Perry 10/01/2003
Audio Note DAC 5 Special: Technical Background Constantine Soo 09/02/2003
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 302 Stereo Amplifier Greg Petan 07/26/2003
Loth-X JI-300 Integrated 300B Amplifier Constantine Soo 05/26/2003
Pass Labs X150 Stereo Amplifier Joe Lamano 05/14/2003
Electrocompaniet AW220 Amplifier Dave Thomas 05/12/2003
Parasound Halo P 3 Preamp & A 23 Power Amplifier Greg Petan 04/08/2003
Linn Klimax Twin Stereo Power Amplifier Constantine Soo 03/18/2003
The Electrocompaniet Nemo Power Amplifier Dave Thomas 02/10/2003
Krell FPB 700cx Gregory Petan 02/04/2003
The Bel Canto eVo2 Clement Perry 01/09/2003
Marsh Sound Design p2000b Preamplifier and A400s Amplifier Greg Weaver 01/03/2003
The Spectron Musician II Amplifier Greg Weaver 12/26/2002
Decware SE84C Zen Triode Monoblock Amplifiers Constantine Soo 12/17/2002
Manley Steelhead Phono Preamp Marshall Nack 12/10/2002
The EAR 834P Phono Preamplifier Paul Szabady 12/02/2002
The Sonogy Black Knight MKII Power Amplifier Anna Logg 11/18/2002
Manley Snapper Monoblock Amplifiers Jon T. Gale 11/13/2002
47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard S Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier Constantine Soo 11/08/2002
Majeel Pristine A-S10 Joe Lamano 11/05/2002
The Bel Canto eVo4 Amplifier Dan Dzuban 10/07/2002
Monarchy Audio SE-100 Delux Frank Alles 09/25/2002
The Portal Panache Integrated Amplifier Jon T. Gale 09/20/2002
Threshold STASIS 7.0 Amplifier Marshall Nack 09/20/2002
The Quad 99 Preamplifier and 909 Amplifier Dan Dzuban 08/16/2002
BVaudio A300S Integrated Amplifier Joe Lamano 07/16/2002
Mechanical Research Corporations NIRO 1000 Integrated Engine Gregory Petan 05/15/2002
The Acoustic Signature Tango Phono Preamplifier Paul Szabady 05/10/2002
Pass Labs X 600 Mono Amplifiers Gregory Petan 05/10/2002
Decware SE84C Zen Triode Amplifier Constantine Soo 03/15/2002
Crown K2 Amplifier and Studio Reference 1 Amplifier Les Turoczi 03/13/2002
InnerSound Phono Preamplifier Frank Alles 12/12/2001
Audio Note M3 Preamplifier Constantine Soo 11/30/2001
The Art Audio Jota Amplifier Clement Perry 11/5/2001
Anatomy of Audio Note & the Quest 300B Monoblocks Constantine Soo 10/05/2001
InnerSound Line Stage Preamplifier Frank Alles 06/25/2001
Bruce Moore Audio Design Companion III Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Henry Wilkenson 06/06/2001
GW Labs 270 Tube Amplifier Constantine Soo 06/01/2001
VAIC Reference 52B Monoblocks Lewis Lanese 05/18/2001
Monarchy Audio SE-160 Frank Alles 04/26/2001
Ensemble Fonovivo Phono Preamplifier Jason Thorpe 01/22/2001
Musical Surroundings MM/MC Phonomena Phono Preamplifier Paul Szabady 01/04/2001
Bel Canto EVo 200.2 Amplifier Stuart McCreary & Clement Perry 10/23/2000
Rogue Audio Ninety-Nine Frank Alles 9/26/2000
Audio Harmony II Enhancement Device Clement Perry 9/05/2000
Ensemble ECCO Integrated Amp and Cables Marshall Nack 9/03/2000
McCormack DNA-125 Amplifier Jim Merod 8/01/2000
Innersound Electrostatic Amplifier Frank Alles & Martin Appel 6/01/2000
Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro Zero-Feedback Amplifier Frank Alles 5/02/2000
Manley Labs, Inc. Stingray Integrated Amplifier Frank Alles 3/01/2000
Adcom GFP-750 Line Stage Preamp Frank Alles 2/10/2000
Sunfire Signature Power Amplifier Noel T. Keen 1/5/2000
Legend Audio LAD-L1 Line Stage Preamp Marshall Nack 1/2/2000
The Chord Combination: Elegant Simplicity from Denmark Clement Perry 11/5/1999
Krell KAV-500i Integrated Amplifier Frank Alles 10/21/1999
Clayton Audio M-70 Monoblocks Clement Perry 9/21/1999
ADCOM GFP-750 Preamplifier Martin Appel 8/02/1999
Balanced Audio Technology VK-20 Solid State Preamplifier Clement Perry 5/10/1999
The Berning Zero Hysteresis ZH 270 OTL Stereo Amplifier Martin Appel 5/03/1999
Lamm Industries' M1.1 Monoblocks Clement Perry 4/28/1999
Conrad-Johnson CAV-50 Vacuum-Tube Control Amplifier Jim Merod 4/26/1999
Odyssey Design Labs Stratos 150 Stereo Amplifier Clement Perry 4/14/1999
The Krell FPB600 Amplifier Noel T. Keen 4/14/1999
The Mark Levinson No.33H Mono Power Amplifiers Mike Silverton 4/14/1999
The Re-emergence of the Integrated Amplifier Anthony Chiarella 4/14/1999
Digital Audio/CD Players
Title Author Date
The Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192 Paul Mah 10/26/2012
The Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64 Clement Perry 10/12/2012
Bel Canto CD2 CD Player and DAC3.5VB Mark II Russell Lichter 02/22/2012
Benchmark Media DAC1 HDR Thomas Turner 01/02/2012
North Star Design Model 192 CD Transport and USB DAC 32 Clement Perry 12/19/2011
Citypulse Audio DA-2.03e USB DAC David Thomas 11/28/2011
Peachtree Audio's iNova Paul Mah 10/04/2011
The Esoteric SA-50 SACD Player David Thomas 04/01/2011
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 Digital to Analog Converter Frank Alles 10/14/2010
Wadia Digital 381i CD Player David Thomas 06/01/2009
Bel Canto VBS1 Virtual Battery Supply and DAC3-VB Russell Lichter 12/07/2009
Neko Audio's D100 Digital to Analogue Converter David Abramson 10/23/2009
Holfi Xandra MP Universal Player Clement Perry 04/21/2009
Classé Audio CDP-502 Reference Disc Player Dave Thomas 01/28/2009
Zero One Mercury CD/HD player Clement Perry 12/10/2008
The Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 Frank Peraino 07/07/2008
EMM Labs CDSA Se Cd/Stereo SACD Player Nelson Brill 03/10/2008
Blue Circle Audio BC501ob Digital to Analog Converter Michael Wright 03/05/2008
The Raysonic CD-128 Underwood Hifi Level 2+ CD player David Abramson 02/29/2008
Reference Audio Mods PS Audio Ultralink III Digital to Analogue Converter Clement Perry 02/28/2008
Blue Circle Audio BC501 Digital to Audio Converter Craig Fitzpatrick 07/27/2007
North Star Design – Model 192 DAC & Transport Bill Wells 06/30/2007
Reimyo DAP 77 Digital-to-Analogue Converter Laurence A. Borden 06/06/2007
Bel Canto DAC3 Russell Lichter 04/09/2007
The Esoteric SZ-1 Craig Fitzpatrick 02/02/2007
The Pioneer Elite DV 79AVi Universal Disc Player Paul Szabady 01/16/2007
The Opera Audio Reference 2.2 Linear CD player David Abramson 01/07/2007
The Nova Physics Group Memory Player: Follow-Up Don Shaulis 12/14/2006
Accuphase DP-67 CD Player Michael Wright 12/21/2006
The Nova Physics Group Memory Player Clement Perry 12/14/2006
Audiomat Maestro Digital to Analog Converter Nelson Brill 11/07/2006
Classé Audio CDP-102 Dave Thomas 11/02/2006
The Rega Saturn CD Player Paul Szabady 09/18/2006
Original CD-2008MKII Craig Fitzpatrick 09/18/2006
The Cyrus 8x CD Player Paul Szabady 09/06/2006
COMBAK REIMYO DAP 777 DAC Nelson Brill 07/25/2006
Opera Audio Consonance CD120 Linear David Abramson 05/15/2006
The Rega Apollo CD Player Paul Szabady 04/11/2006
Esoteric® UX-3 Universal Disc Player Michael Wright 03/26/2006
Marantz SA-11S1 Super Audio CD Player Lewis Lanese 12/20/2005
The Magnificent C.E.C. Tl-51xz Belt Drive CD Player Nelson Brill 10/17/2005
The Music Hall Maverick SACD/CD Player Paul Szabady 09/23/2005
Harmonix Reimyo CDP-777 Transport/CD Player Key Kim & Clement Perry 08/18/2005
April Music’s Stello CDT-200 CD Transport and DP-200 DAC/ Preamplifier Clement Perry 04/09/2005
Classé Audio SACD 2 CD/SACD Player Russell Lichter 01/25/2005
Benchmark Media DAC1 Dave Thomas 12/20/2004
Dodson Audio DA-218 24/768 Digital to Analog Converter Greg Petan 11/10/2004
The Bel Canto DAC2 Dan Dzuban 10/05/2004
Opera Audio Consonance Reference SACD 2.0 Dave Thomas 07/12/2004
The Gryphon Mikado CD Player Clement Perry 06/27/2004
TEAC Esoteric P-70 CD Transport and D-70 D/A Converter Lewis Lanese 06/17/2004
APL Hi-Fi Philips SACD1000 Modification Todd Mitchell 04/30/2004
Balanced Audio Technologies VK-D5SE Bill Wells 03/22/2004
Integra DPS-8.3 SACD, DVD-Audio Player Mike Levy 08/05/2003
Adventures with the SONY SCD-777ES Marshall Nack 04/07/2003
Krell DVD Standard Gregory Petan 11/18/2002
Linn Ikemi Integrated CD Player Constantine Soo 09/17/2002
Electrocompaniet’s 24/192 EMC CD Player Clement Perry 07/03/2002
47 Laboratory's 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC Constantine Soo 05/08/2002
The ModWrightTM Pioneer DVD Player Upgrades Greg Weaver 12/26/2001
Sony SCD-777ES Super Audio Compact Disc Player Constantine Soo 05/21/2000
TASCAM's DA-45HR "Powerhouse" 24-bit Digital Recorder Jim Merod 11/06/2000
La Moule Chauve: World's Best CD Player? Jonathan Foote 09/15/2000
Linn Sondek CD-12 part 2 Jim Merod 12/29/1999
Linn Sondek CD-12 Jim Merod 12/6/1999
Sony SCD-1: First Impressions Lewis Lanese 11/9/1999
Sony's SCD-1 Super Audio Compact Disc Player Clement Perry 11/9/1999
Title Author Date
The Tekton Design M-Lore Loudspeaker David Abramson 08/07/2012
Silverline's Minuet Supreme Plus Mini-monitors Paul Mah 07/05/2012
My Audio Design 1920 Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 06/18/2012
Tekton Design Lore-S Speakers Frank Alles 05/01/2012
Sound Quest Products – H 12 Horn Loudspeaker Bill Wells 04/19/2012
The Emerald Physics CS3 Loudspeakers, Wyred 4 Sound mINT, and REL T7 Sub-Bass System David Abramson 03/29/2012
Penaudio Cenya Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 02/15/2012
The PBN Audio Pennywise Loudspeaker Thomas Turner 01/31/2012
The Lawrence Audio Mandolin Loudspeakers Dave Thomas 12/19/2011
The Tanagra Audio Lotus loudspeakers Clement Perry 10/12/2011
JAS Audio GP-120 Integrated Amplifier, GP-120CD CD Player and MM-3 loudspeakers Debra Goidel 10/13/2011
NSMT Armada System: 20M Monitors, Sandbag Stands, 15EXP Subwoofers Russell Lichter 07/27/2011
Quad ESL 2805 Don Shaulis 07/14/2011
FritzSpeakers REV 5 Loudspeakers Frank Alles 04/29/2011
Precision Transducer Engineering's Phoenix Loudspeaker Clement Perry 04/28/2011
YG Acoustics – Anat Reference II Studio Loudspeakers Bill Wells 03/11/2011
Acoustic Technologies Classic Series Loudspeakers Don Shaulis 02/08/2011
Dynaudio Sapphire Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 01/24/2011
Lansche Audio No.4.1 Loudspeaker Greg Petan 11/24/2010
Daber Audio Monitor 3 Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 11/19/2010
Jean-Marie Reynaud “Bliss” Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 08/30/2010
Random Noise 23 Mike Silverton 03/12/2010
Sound Quest H-15 Horn Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 03/04/2010
Behold electronics and The Magical Magico Ultima loudspeakers Clement Perry 01/20/2010
Thiel Cs 3.7 Loudspeakers Nelson Brill 12/16/2009
“A Close Encounter, OF THE COOL KIND” Les Turoczi 12/14/2009
The Von Schweikert UniField 3 Loudspeaker Billy Thompson 11/12/2009
Phase Technology PC-3.5 Loudspeakers Michael Girardi 11/09/2009
Revolver Cygnis High Performance Loudspeaker Carols Sanchez 10/23/2009
Ohm MicroWalsh Tall Signature Edition Frank Alles 09/24/2009
The Rockport Technologies Aquila Loudspeaker Frank Peraino 08/17/2009
Analysis Audio Omega Loudspeakers Don Shaulis 07/20/2009
Daedalus Audio DA-RMa loudspeakers David Abramson 06/18/2009
Paragon Volent Paragon VL-3 Loudspeakers Clement Perry 06/05/2009
Van L. Speakerworks Quartet loudspeakers Michael Wright 04/27/2009
Revolver Music 3 Series Loudspeaker Carlos Sanchez 03/17/2009
Reference 3A Grand Veena Loudspeakers Nelson Brill 02/17/2009
The TIDAL Contriva Loudspeaker Michael Wright 02/02/2009
NSR Sonic Research D3 Sonata Speaker Frank Alles 11/03/2008
AUDES Credo Adagio loudspeaker Carlos Sanchez 09/25/2008
Xavian Giulietta Loudspeakers Dave Thomas 08/04/2008
Ascendo C8 Renaissance Loudspeaker Moreno Mitchell 05/30/2008
Sunny Cable Technology H3W15S “Special Edition” Loudspeaker Greg Petan 05/08/2008
Audio Acoustics – Sapphire Ti-C SE Loudspeakers Bill Wells 04/03/2008
Hansen The Prince V.2 Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 03/28/2008
Genesis Advanced Technologies G928 ServoSub subwoofer Craig Fitzpatrick 02/21/2008
Hyperion Sound’s HPS 968 Loudspeaker Alvester Garnett 02/04/2008
Adagio EXtreme modification by Response Audio Craig Fitzpatrick 01/30/2008
Sunny Cable Technology Majestic Loudspeaker Clement Perry 01/07/2008
MBL 116 Radialstrahler Elegance Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 11/16/2007
Silverline Audio Minuet Speakers Frank Alles 11/05/2007
The Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 Loudspeaker Paul Szabady 10/31/2007
Sunny Cable Technology H2W10 Speaker Dennis Parham 10/10/2007
Gemme Audio Vivace Speakers Laurence Borden 10/02/2007
Penaudio Chronos Jan Petter Egidius 09/04/2007
King Model 3000– Full Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers Lew Lanese 08/08/2007
Acoustic Zen Technologies Adagio Jr. Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 07/20/2007
GamuT L7 Loudspeaker Michael Wright 06/25/2007
The Penaudio Serenade Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 05/15/2007
Almarro M3A Loudspeakers Michael Wright 04/06/2007
Teresonic Ingenium Speaker Laurence Borden 03/30/2007
LSA Group LSA2 Speakers Michael Wright 03/14/2007
Silverline Audio Prelude Loudspeakers Frank Alles 03/05/2007
The Selah Audio XT8 Loudspeaker Dennis Parham 02/21/2007
Nomad Audio Ronin 1.0c Michael Wright 02/11/2007
The Harbeth Monitor 30 Domestic Loudspeakers Paul Szabady 01/26/2007
Bolzano Villetri Campanili Series Torre Clement Perry 10/13/2006
The Consensus Audio Conspiracy Loudspeaker Kay Kim 10/01/2006
The Acoustic Zen Adagio Loudspeaker Craig Fitzpatrick 08/10/2006
Hyperion Sound HWS-586 Loudspeaker David Abramson 06/15/2006
Focus Audio Signature Series Model FS68SE Loudspeakers Nelson Brill 05/10/2006
Silverline Audio Prelude Loudspeakers Frank Alles 05/04/2006
The Escalante Design Fremont Dave Thomas 04/21/2005
The Focus Audio Master II Loudspeaker Greg Petan 03/17/2006
Opera Audio Consonance Eric Jr.’s Craig Fitzpatrick 03/13/2006
The Rega R7 Loudspeaker Paul Szabady 02/23/2006
The Reimyo PAT 777 and Krell Resolution Subwoofer Greg Petan 02/15/2006
Silverline Audio SR11 Mini-Monitor Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 01/11/2006
The Rega R1 Loudspeaker Paul Szabady 12/13/2005
Almarro M2A Loudspeakers Michael Wright 10/05/2005
Credo S100 Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 09/13/2005
The Deuvel Jupiter Loudspeaker Greg Petan 07/13/2005
The Bösendorfer VC2 Loudspeaker Sergei Taranov 07/06/2005
The Harbeth HL-P3ES-2 Loudspeaker Paul Szabady 06/11/2005
ESP Concert Grand SI Loudspeakers Bill Wells 05/27/2005
Jupiter Audio Europa Active Speaker System Frank Alles 05/04/2005
The Celestion F15 Bookshelf Speakers Paul Szabady 03/30/2005
The Von Schweikert Audio VR4jr Loudspeaker Michael Wright 03/18/2005
Escalante Design Pinyon Loudspeaker and Uinta Subwoofer Dave Thomas 03/08/2005
The Penaudio Rebel2 Loudspeaker Nelson Brill 01/17/2005
Krell Resolution 1 Loudspeaker Greg Petan 01/04/2005
Van Schweikert Audio’s vr-1 Studio Reference Nelson Brill 12/05/2004
TBI Magellan VIII su Subwoofer Dan Dzuban 11/22/2004
Von Schweikert Audio’s VR 1 Studio Reference Alvester Garnett 11/01/2004
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors Dave Thomas 10/25/2004
The Harbeth Super HL5 Loudspeaker Paul Szabady 10/17/2004
Hyperion Sound Design HPS-938 Loudspeaker Ron Nagle 10/07/2004
Mobile Fidelity Original Master Loudspeaker-2 (OML-2) Dave Thomas 09/24/2004
VMPS RM 30 Ribbon Hybrid Loudspeaker Frank Alles 09/12/2004
The Von Schweikert Audio dB-99 MkII Loudspeaker Clement Perry 08/03/2004
Usher Audio Technology 6371 Loudspeakers Mike Wright 08/01/2004
The Ascendo System (M)agic Loudspeaker Clement Perry 05/06/2004
Penaudio Charisma and Chara Loudspeaker System Dave Thomas 02/07/2004
Dynaudio Contour S5.4 Dave Thomas 01/06/2004
Xavian Electronics Model MIA Clement Perry 11/30/2003
Usher Audio AC 10 Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 11/02/2003
Linn Akurate Launch Event Constantine Soo 09/25/2003
The Sonus Faber Amati Homage Greg Petan 09/14/2003
Kharma Grand Ceramique Midi 1.0 Loudspeakers Frank Peraino 08/18/2003
The Art of Sound Tycus Subwoofer Clement Perry 07/15/2003
Audes 535 Loudspeaker Joe Lamano 07/23/2003
Chesky Audio C-1 Loudspeaker Dave Thomas 06/21/2003
Buggtussel Tegmentum Subwoofer Jon T. Gale 05/14/2003
The Ascendo System Z Loudspeaker Clement Perry 04/22/2003
Hsu Research HO 1220 Subwoofer Dan Dzuban 04/14/2003
The Chesky C-1 Loudspeaker Henry Wilkenson 04/14/2003
Talon Audio's Raven C Loudspeaker Joe Lamano 04/07/2003
Talon Audio's Peregrine X Ian Webber 03/08/2003
Audio Note AN-E SEC Silver Loudspeaker Constantine Soo 02/24/2003
Rosinanté Dulcinea Loudspeaker Follow Up Joe Lamano 02/10/2003
Tin Ear Reports: My New (To Me) Spooky Speakers Bob Guthrie 12/27/2002
The Mordaunt-Short 908 Loudspeaker Brett Rudolph 11/22/2002
The Morel Applause Reference Home Theater Speaker System Clement Perry 10/23/2002
The Von Schweikert Audio VR-4 Generation III Special Edition Greg Weaver 10/10/2002
The Nova Bravo Loudspeaker Henry Wilkenson 10/10/2002
REL Acoustics Ltd., Stentor III Sub Bass System Frank Peraino 10/10/2002
The Quad ESL-989 Electrostatic Loudspeaker Dan Dzuban 09/17/2002
The Buggtussel Lemniscus Greg Weaver 09/03/2002
Loth-X BS1 2-way bookshelf Speaker Constantine Soo 08/23/2002
The Talon Audio ROC Subwoofer: A Follow Up Marshall Nack 08/21/2002
InnerSound Eros Mk-II Speaker System Frank Alles 08/02/2002
The Spendor S3/5 Minimonitors Milan Cernohorsky 07/22/2002
ELAC 518 Loudspeaker Constantine Soo 06/24/2002
FPS Model F1 Flat-Panel Hybrid Speaker System Clement Perry 05/15/2002
The Audes Blues Loudspeakers Joe Lamano 05/15/2002
Buggtussel Loudspeakers: A Factory Tour Greg Weaver 03/29/2002
Musse Audio Reference Two NF Loudspeakers Henry Wilkenson 03/15/2002
The Talon Khorus X Clement Perry 03/04/2002
Audio Physic Caldera Loudspeakers Grant Samuelsen 02/13/2002
Coincident Speaker Technology Total Eclipse Jon Gale 01/04/2002
Sunfire True Subwoofer Mark II Martin Appel 01/02/2002
The Diva Swans 6.1 Loudspeakers Ric Siegert 12/17/2001
EgglestonWorks Fontaine Speaker Henry Wilkenson 11/19/2001
The Vince Christian, Ltd. E6 Speaker System Jim Merod 11/09/2001
The Rosinante Dulcinea Loudspeaker Clement Perry 11/05/2001
Von Schweikert Audio VR-4 Generation III Loudspeaker Greg Weaver 10/10/2001
Audes Loudspeaker Model 037 Clement Perry 08/24/2001
The Klipschorn Speaker System Constantine Soo 08/03/2001
Audio Note AN-E/D Loudspeakers Constantine Soo 07/17/2001
Musse Audio Reference Two NF Loudspeakers Tim Shea 06/08/2001
Xavian Electronics Model MIA Milan Cernohorsky 05/16/2001
Nova Bravo Loudspeakers Clement Perry 05/11/2001
The Talon Khorus Stuart A. McCreary 02/05/2001
EgglestonWorks Rosa Speakers Marshall Nack 10/11/2000
The Talon & The Roc Clement Perry 10/04/2000
Soliloquy High Fidelity Loudspeaker Model 5.0 Clement Perry 08/21/2000
Tyler Acoustics, Taylo Reference One Loudspeakers Stu McCreary 07/19/2000
Coincident Speaker Technology Clement Perry 07/14/2000
Impact Technology’s Vento Loudspeaker Marshall Nack 07/03/2000
Polk Audio RT800 Speaker System Dorsey Lewis 05/16/2000
mbl 101D Radialstrahler Ralph Glasgal 04/14/2000
Legacy Audio Whisper Loudspeakers Thomas W. Mallin 04/03/2000
Sonus Faber Concertino Loudspeakers Heru Wesley 03/08/2000
Wilson Audio's Watt/Puppy Speaker System, Version 6 Mike Silverton 03/06/2000
Waveform Mach Solo Loudspeakers Rich Harkness 02/02/2000
Audes 111 Mini Monitor Loudspeaker Clement Perry 01/05/2000
The Piega P10 Loudspeaker Lewis Lanese 12/30/1999
InnerSound's Isis Loudspeaker Martin Appel 10/05/1999
Shun Mook Bella Voce Signature Loudspeakers Rich Harknes 09/08/1999
The Piega P5 Loudspeaker Lewis Lanese 05/10/1999
The Avance Epsilon 980 Loudspeakers Clement Perry 05/09/1999
Point Source Near Field Clement Perry 06/11/1998
The E.S.P. "Concert Grand" Speakers Jim Merod 1998
Title Author Date
Wire World Cable Technology – Platinum Eclipse Series Cables Bill Wells 12/28/2012
Entreq Audio Apollo Cables Dave Thomas 12/19/2012
MG Audio Design Cables Dave Thomas 11/27/2012
Mojo Audio AC Power Cables and Lucent Interconnects Frank Alles 11/09/2012
Triode Wire Labs AC Cords George Weathington 07/12/2012
Sablon Audio Grand Corona AC cords and Panatela Interconnects Dennis Parham 07/09/2012
Cerious Technologies Nano Reference Series Cables Norm Luttbeg 06/04/2012
Ramses-II speaker cables and Interconnects Clement Perry 05/01/2012
Wywires Revisited: The Gold XLR Interconnect Russell Lichter 04/11/2012
DH Labs Red Wave AC Cord Dave Allison 04/10/2012
Hemingway Audio Prime Signature Cables Dave Thomas 03/16/2012
JPS Labs Aluminata Reference Series Cables Don Shaulis 03/01/2012
DH Labs Silver Sonic Cables Frank Alles 02/13/2012
Jorma Design Unity Cables & Interconnects Key Kim 01/02/2012
Dynamic Design's MK2-XLR digital cable, SE-XLR interconnects, Lotus MK2 AC powercord and Spirit MK2 digital AC powercord Russell Lichter 12/19/2011
The Absolute Fidelity Power Cord Dave Thomas 11/18/2011
Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion AC cords Clement Perry 11/17/2011
LessLoss Anchorwave XLR Interconnect Russell Lichter 10/23/2011
MIT EXp2 Speaker Cables Thomas Turner 10/05/2011
Skywire Audio SE Cables David Abramson 09/01/2011
Von Schweikert Audio Cables Michael Girardi 08/30/2011
Audio Sensibility Cables Paul Mah 08/04/2011
Skogrand SC Air Reference Solid Copper Core speaker cables Norm Luttbeg 06/15/2011
Exemplar Audio Portal Cables Norm Luttbeg 04/29/2011
Sablon Audio Introduces – The Robusto Power Cord Dennis Parham 04/08/2011
Neotech Amazon Series cables Clement Perry 12/16/2010
LessLoss Digital Cable Russell Lichter 12/08/2010
Audio Art SE cables David Abramson 05/05/2009
MIT Oracle MA-X Digital AES/EBU Moreno Mitchell 04/23/2010
Acoustic Revive’s Special Edition Single Core Interconnects Mike Silverton 04/19/2010
The Morrow Audio SP4 and MA4 Cables Dave Thomas 01/22/2010
Dynamic Design's New Generation Lotus MK II Cables Michael Wright 01/23/2010
The Entreq Konstantin 09 Cables Dave Thomas 08/03/2009
Acoustic Systems International Liveline Cables Key Kim 06/30/2009
Stereovox Vespa Interconnects and Firebird Speaker cables David Abramson 01/14/2009
Cardas Audio – Golden Presence Cables Bill Wells 12/16/2008
Omega Mikro Line of Cables Michael Girardi 10/17/2008
LessLoss BTB Power Cables Russell Lichter 09/28/2008
LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power Cables Russell Lichter 08/11/2008
Stealth Audio Cables Dave Thomas 04/15/2008
Tara Labs: “The One” Speaker Cable; Ism On Board 0.8 Interconnect And Digital Cables Nelson Brill 01/18/2008
Acoustic Zen Absolute Cables Craig Fitzpatrick 11/01/2007
Cable Research Lab Gold Series Cables Greg Petan 10/09/2007
Neotech Professional Cables Dennis Parham 09/21/2007
Sunny Cable Technology Series 1000 Cables Greg Petan 08/23/2007
Audio Metallurgy Audio Cables Frank Alles 04/23/2007
VH Audio Cables Eujin Hong 02/02/2007
Audio Art Cables and Interconnects David Abramson 11/29/2006
ELCO AUDIO Blue Star Cables Michael Wright 05/22/2006
Sunny Cable Supreme Digital cable, Speaker Wire and The Box Clement Perry 03/17/2006
Argento Audio Serenity Cables Dave Thomas 01/30/2006
Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval Speaker Cable and Argent Audio Pursang S Interconnect Cables Nelson Brill 01/23/2006
Cerious Technologies Digital Cables Don Shaulis 01/13/2006
Virtual Dynamics Revelation Series Cables Clement Perry 12/29/2005
Dynamic Design THB and VLT AC Power Cords Clement Perry 11/22/2005
KAS Audio Cables Dave Thomas 11/15/2005
NeoTech NES-3002, NP-3001, NEP-3200 and NEVD-2001 Michael Girardi 10/18/2005
Atlas Cables Michael Wright 09/05/2005
Dynamic Design Platinum Cable System Michael Wright 08/02/2005
Sunny Cable Technology Cables Michael Wright 04/04/2005
Virtual Dynamics Master Series Power AC Cords, Interconnect and Speaker Cable Greg Petan 03/11/2005
The DNM/Reson Solid Core Interconnects and Speaker Cable Paul Szabady 02/22/2005
Argent-Rosinante Pursang Speaker Cable Nelson Brill 02/08/2005
Element Cable Dave Thomas 01/21/2005
SignalCable Silver Resolution Audio Cables Frank Alles 12/16/2004
Blue Marble Audio Cables Michael Wright 12/05/2004
Argent Audio Pursang Speaker and Digital cables Clement Perry 10/20/2004
Virtual Dynamics David Series Cables Nelson Brill 10/19/2004
RS Audio Pure Palladium Cables Bill Wells 10/05/2004
Acoustic Zen Cables Lew Lanese 07/21/2004
Alpha-Core/Goertz Silver Series Python AG2 Speaker Cables and TQ2 Silver Micro Purl Interconnect Ron Nagle 06/04/2004
Analysis Plus Golden Oval Cable Key Kim 05/15/2004
PNF Audio Symphony Speaker Cable and ICON Audio Interconnect Cable Nelson Brill 05/11/2004
The Silversmith Audio Palladium Cables Greg Petan 03/06/2004
Signal Cable Frank Alles 02/02/2004
River Cable FLEXYGY 6 Loudspeaker Cable and Starflex Subwoofer Cable Nelson Brill 01/19/2004
KHARMA Grand Reference cables Marshall Nack 12/02/2003
Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cables Key Kim 12/02/2003
Virtual Dynamics “Nite” Series Cables Dave Thomas 12/02/2003
Luminous Audio Technology Synchestra Silver Reference Gene Towne 11/08/2003
Dynamic Design Constellations Series Cables Dave Thomas 10/20/2003
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Speaker Cables Ian Weber 09/14/2003
Golden Sound Power Cords Marshall Nack 08/08/2003
eXpress™ Power AC Enhancing Cable Gene Towne 08/08/2003
Silent Source Signature Power Cord Keith Forrest 07/10/2003
Von Gaylord Audio Cables Henry Wilkenson 06/03/2003
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MKIII Interconnects Joe Lamano 06/02/2003
Xindak FS-1 Speaker Cable Keith Forrest 05/26/2003
Eichmann eXpress 6 Gene Towne 04/11/2003
Harmonic Technology Magic™ Woofer Speaker Cable Marshall Nack 03/08/2003
Kimber Kable Select KS 2020 Brett Rudolph 01/20/2003
The Shunyata Lyra Speaker Cables and Aries Balanced Interconnects Gregory Petan 01/03/2003
Dynamic Design Cables Joe Lamano 12/16/2002
Audience Maestro Audio Cables Henry Wilkenson 12/02/2002
Luminous Audio Technology Synchestra Reference Gene Towne 11/21/2002
Musical Meddling: New Cables In Town Greg Weaver 10/22/2002
Kimber Select KS 3038 Speaker Cable Adnan Arduman 08/14/2002
Acoustic Zen Cables & Interconnects: Another Perspective Dan Dzuban 08/06/2002
Synchrony Cables from GutWire® Rick Siegert 04/27/2002
Acoustic Zen Gargantua Power Cord and Hologram Speaker Cables Martin Appel 04/17/2002
BetterCables Silver Serpent and Straight Wire Silverlink II Milan Cernohorsky 04/09/2002
Silversmith Audio Silver Interconnect and Speaker Cable Mike Silverton 03/11/2002
Origin Live Laminar Flow Reference Interconnects Paul Szabady 02/21/2002
Stealth "Bullet-Proof" Microphone Cables Jim Merod 02/06/2002
Granite Audio #560 AC Cord Constantine Soo 02/04/2002
Luminous Audio Technologies Synchestra Signature Cable Gene Towne 02/03/2002
Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC 10 Greg Weaver 01/22/2002
Analysis Plus Power Oval A/C Cords Alvester Garnett 01/06/2002
Analysis Plus Power Oval A/C Cords Clement Perry 09/10/2001
Electra Glide FatMan 2000 Leon Rivkin 09/02/2001
Kimber BiFocal - XL Speaker Cable Adnan Arduman 08/21/2001
Origin Live Laminar Flow ULTRA Interconnect Paul Szabady 08/06/2001
Granite Audio Silver Dasher No. 470 Interconnect Milan Cernohorsky 07/27/2001
Audience Audio Cables Henry Wilkenson 07/10/2001
Nordost's Valhalla Cables Mike Silverton 06/23/2001
Wasatch Cable Works -- A Follow-Up Report Les Turoczi 06/13/2001
Supra EFF-I Interconnects & Ply 3.4/S Speaker Cables Milan Cernohorsky 05/07/2001
Cable Reality Check Jason Thorpe 04/25/2001
Magnan's "Silver Bronze" Cable Jim Merod 03/09/2001
JPS Labs UltraConductor Speaker Cables Milan Cernohorsky 02/18/2001
Wasatch Cable Works Clement Perry 01/11/2001
Granite Audio Model #470 Silver Interconnect Constantine Soo 12/30/2000
Acoustic Zen’s "MC-Squared" Digital Cables Jim Merod 12/21/2000
Audience Powerchord Clement Perry 12/06/2000
Ensemble Cables Heru Wesley 10/30/2000
Ultra High-Resolution "Acoustic Zen" Cables Jim Merod 09/18/2000
Analysis Plus Cables and Interconnects James Dowd 09/18/2000
N.B.S. Monitor 2 Audio Cables Henry Wilkenson 08/31/2000
A Tale of Three Cities Adnan Arduman 08/10/2000
Analysis Plus Silver Oval Speaker Cables and Interconnects Clement Perry 05/08/2000
Analysis Plus Oval Nine Cables Stuart McCreary 05/08/2000
Further Reflections on the Mysteries of Power Line Enhancement Mike Silverton 06/07/2000
Harmonic Technology's Magic Power Cord: A Second Opinion Mike Silverton 05/05/2000
Harmonic Technology 'Magic' Power Cord Marshall Nack 04/21/2000
Kimber Select KS-1030 Single Ended Analog Interconnects Adnan Arduman 02/23/2000
Harmonic Technology Entry Level Line Jason Serinus 01/04/2000
Power to the People pt.2: Power Cords for Amplifiers Noel T. Keen 01/03/2000
Power to the People: A Survey of Quality Power Cords Noel T. Keen 12/01/1999
WireWorld Equinox III Interconnects Frak Alles 08/05/1999
Harmonic Tech Versus the Tweakerholic? Marshall Nack 06/10/1999
Harmonic Technology's New Interconnects Clement Perry 05/11/1999
The Harmonic Technology Power Cords Jim Merod 01/03/1999
The Harmonic Technology Cables: Part 2 Lew Lanese 01/02/1999
The Harmonic Technology Cables Clement Perry 01/01/1999
The Custom House Barracuda Clement Perry 11/05/1998
Tone Arms & Cartridges
Title Author Date
The Origin Live Silver MKII Tonearm Paul Szabady 11/16/2006
The Cartridge Man MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge Paul Szabady 08/22/2006
The Origin Live Conqueror Tonearm Paul Szabady 05/27/2005
The Cartridge Man MusicMaker III Phono Cartridge Paul Szabady 09/24/2004
The Reson Reca Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge Paul Szabady 07/08/2004
The Rega Exact Phono Cartridge Paul Szabady 02/03/2003
The Origin Live Encounter Tonearm Paul Szabady 01/21/2003
Origin Live Silver 250 Tonearm Paul Szabady 11/28/2001
Clearaudio Champion Level 2 Turntable and Unify Unipivot Tonearm Paul Szabady 10/31/2002
ClearAudio Virtuoso Mk II Moving Magnet Cartridge Greg Weaver 08/01/2001
Origin Live Modified Rega RB300 and RB250 Tonearms Paul Szabady 8/14/2000
Title Author Date
An Interview with MBL's Christian Hermeling Matej Isak 04/27/2011
Random Noise 26 Mike Silverton 12/09/2010
AudioPrism’s Ground Control Mike Silverton 07/19/2010
Random Noise 25 Mike Silverton 06/01/2010
Random Noise 24 Mike Silverton 04/19/2010
Steinmusic's H2 Harmonizer, Magic Stones and E-Pads Clement Perry 04/05/2010
Certainly the Most Bang for the Buck! Clement Perry 03/18/2010
Random Noise 23 Mike Silverton 03/12/2010
Random Noise 21 Mike Silverton 11/20/2009
Random Noise 20 Mike Silverton 10/12/2009
Random Noise 19 Mike Silverton 05/01/2009
Random Noise 18 Mike Silverton 04/01/2009
Random Noise 17 Mike Silverton 02/03/2009
Random Noise 16 Mike Silverton 01/05/2009
Random Noise 15 Mike Silverton 12/15/2008
Random Noise 14 Mike Silverton 12/02/2008
Random Noise 13 Mike Silverton 12/02/2008
Random Noise 12 Mike Silverton 09/23/2008
Random Noise 11 Mike Silverton 08/13/2008
Basis Audio’s Work of Art System Les Turoczi 09/08/2008
Random Noise 10 Mike Silverton 06/26/2008
Rock Music: The Forgotten Child of High-End Audio? Laurence Borden 06/01/2008
Random Noise 9 Mike Silverton 02/01/2008
Random Noise 8 Mike Silverton 12/14/2007
Random Noise 7 Mike Silverton 10/04/2007
The Art of Minimal Mic'ing Laurence A. Borden 09/12/2007
Random Noise 6 Mike Silverton 09/04/2007
Linn at Glenn Poor Chicago Dave Thomas 08/08/2007
A Love of Music Paul Szabady 08/03/2007
Random Noise 5 Mike Silverton 08/01/2007
Random Noise 4 Mike Silverton 07/02/2007
Random Noise 3 Mike Silverton 06/01/2007
Random Noise 2 Mike Silverton 05/01/2007
Random Noise 1 Mike Silverton 04/01/2007
RUR™ DAE and MEMORY PLAYBACK OF CDs Clement Perry 08/17/2006
Prior Assumptions Mike Van Evers 03/07/2006
A New York Meeting With Brian Epstein… Christopher Huston 07/11/2003
Thank You! Clement Perry 06/30/2004
What Do Records Sound Like? Russell Lichter 12/27/2003
A Well-Grounded Education Tom Mallin 11/23/2003
Linn at Fantasy Constantine Soo 06/20/2003
A Love of Music Paul Szabady 03/27/2003
Preview - The Shunyata Lyra Speaker Cables and Aries Balanced Interconnects Greg Petan 01/03/2003
A Visit to Meadowlark Audio Clement Perry 12/18/2002
An Afternoon in the Future Gregory Petan 11/14/2002
Premium Car Radios-High End or Hokum Ross Wagner 10/23/2002
High-End Values Constantine Soo 09/25/2002
A Conversation with Brian Morris of Linn Constantine Soo 09/18/2002
The High-End Examiner Greg Petan 09/10/2002
Earthworks Audio Jim Merod 08/23/2002
181 Miles for a Volt Meter Jon T. Gale 08/21/2002
The Joyful Art of Jazz Photography Jim Merod 06/24/2002
Electro-Mechanical Convergence: How can it affect your audio gear? Frank Alles 05/01/2002
47 Laboratory's 4713 Flatfish CD Transport/Player and 4705 Progression DAC Constantine Soo 04/21/2002
Talons Are Not Just Evolutionary - They Are Revolutionary Greg Petan 03/29/2002
Tin Ear Reports: The Joy of Man's Listening Bob Guthrie 02/18/2002
WANTED: Sidekicks and the Right Sort of Mate Jonathan Foote 02/03/2002
Short Takes Henry Wilkenson 01/30/2002
A Neophyte's Guide to Las Vegas Phil Wilke 01/22/2002
One Audiophile's View Constantine Soo 01/16/2002
The High End's High Colonic Jonathan Foote 01/06/2002
Roy Allison Returns Mike Silverton 12/15/2001
The Birthplace Of High End Audio Jonathan Foote 12/2001
Tommy Flanagan Jim Merod 12/2001
All Things Must Pass: Remembering George Harrison Greg Weaver 11/30/2001
Jonathan’s Best Foote Forward Jonathan Foote 11/2001
Raw Tunes Jonathan Foote 06/08/2001
A New And Improved Shortcut To Product Evaluation Jonathan Foote 05/03/2001
Alternatives to 5.1 Surround Sound for High-Fidelity Music Reproduction Ralph Glasgal 03/23/2001
A Question Mike Silverton 03/23/2001
A Conversation with Monarchy Audio’s C.C. Poon Constantine Soo 03/2001
DVD Audio FYIs Barry Merer 02/18/2001
The Path Less Traveled Mike Van Evers 02/07/2001
Sorting Eccentricities: Call Me No. 3 Mike Silverton 01/12/2001
Musical Meddling Greg Weaver 12/25/2000
On Responsibility Mike Silverton 11/23/2000
Dress Rehearsal Jonathan Foote 10/18/2000
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 8 Ralph Glasgal 10/2000
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 7 Ralph Glasgal 09/2000
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 6 Ralph Glasgal 09/2000
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 5 Ralph Glasgal 09/2000
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 4 Ralph Glasgal 09/2000
A Night Out-Of-Doors Jonathan Foote 08/14/2000
The Art and Science of Audio System Tuning: Part 4 Mike Vans Evers 08/01/2000
Bring Back The Rotary Dial! Mike Silverton 07/2000
Welcome To My Vacuum Jonathan Foote 07/2000
Alternating Current: Nasty or Nice? Jonathan Foote 06/2000
The Art and Science of Audio System Tuning: Part 3 Mike Vans Evers 06/2000
Jonathan Scull's Stereophile Review Of Richard Gray's Power Company Line Enhancer Clement Perry 05/2000
The Art and Science of Audio System Tuning: Part 2 Mike Vans Evers 04/2000
Richard Gray's 400s Power Company Line Conditioners Mike Silverton 04/19/2000
The Art and Science of Audio System Tuning Mike Vans Evers 02/2000
Everywhere You Look, Pitfalls Mike Silverton 02/2000
Baby's First Steps Mike Silverton 01/2000
The Netway Or The Highway Mike Rofared 12/1999
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 3 Ralph Glasgal 10/1999
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 2 Ralph Glasgal 10/1999
Book Excerpt: Audio Reality Clement Perry 10/18/1999
Reflections On Reviewing And Resolution Jason Serinus 10/10/1999
The Internet: Stewpot or Forum? Mike Silverton 10/1999
In Answer to Anna Logg Mike Silverton 09/1999
I Believe in Magic Anna Logg 09/1999
Ambiosonics? No Thianks Mike Silverton 08/1999
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Chapter 1 Ralph Glasgal 08/1999
Publisher's Notes: JFK, Jr. Was an Audiophile! Clement Perry 07/1999
Ambiophonics, 2nd Edition Ralph Glasgal 07/1999
A Contrarian View Mike Silverton 07/1999
Ace Alles: Audio Detective Frank Alles 07/1999
Why 96kHz and Is It Enough? Tom Jung 07/1999
Realism in Music Reproduction Ralph Glasgal 06/1999
The State of Classical Music: Sick or Sic Transit? Mike Silverton 06/1999
DVD Forum Finalizes the DVD-Audio Format Chuck Bruce of The Atlanta Audio Society 05/1999
Ave Atque Vale, CD! Mike Silverton 04/1999
Tweakaholics Anonymous Marshall Nack 04/1999
The Ear Pinna and Realism in Music Reproduction Ralph Glasgal 04/1999
Music Reviews
Title Author Date
Bob Dylan at 70. An Appreciation John Sprung 06/01/2011
Holiday Grab Bag Of Recording Gems for 2010 Nelson Brill 12/11/2010
Holiday Grab Bag Of Recording Gems Nelson Brill 12/11/2009
Jon Faddis “Teranga” [Koch Records] Nelson Brill 06/08/2007
The Kennedys, “Positively Live!” Nelson Brill 12/13/2006
Three SACD Hybrid Releases from Mercury Ross Wagner 09/28/2005
Edward Rosser: Piano Music of Chopin, Schubert, Debussy and Schumann Russell Lichter 07/22/2005
Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé (Suite No. 2) Russell Lichter 05/04/2005
Laszlo Gardony – “Ever Before Ever After” & Shelley Neill “Entrée Blue” Nelson Brill 04/25/2005
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas, Complete Piano Concertos Russell Lichter 04/25/2005
Blue Mitchell – Blue’s Moods Craig Fitzpatrick 04/25/2005
Frank Zappa: QuAUDIOPHILIAC Adam Sohmer 02/18/2005
Nina Simone - 'Nuff Said' - Recording live session Apr. 7, 1968 Clement Perry 02/05/2005
Tab Benoit – “The Sea Saint Sessions“ Nelson Brill 02/04/2005
Beethoven: Sonatas Op. 57, Appassionata, Op. 26, Funeral March Russell Lichter 01/25/2005
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas, and Diabelli Variations Russell Lichter 01/03/2005
Alison Brown Quartet- “Replay” Craig Fitzpatrick 11/29/2004
Orna – The Very Thought Of You Craig Fitzpatrick 11/29/2004
Buddy Rich - Harry “Sweets” Edison Craig Fitzpatrick 11/29/2004
Two From Cuba With Love Nelson Brill 10/13/2004
Saint-Saëns, Symphony No. 3 “Organ”, Eugene Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra Russell Lichter 09/28/2004
Johannes Brahms: Piano Sonata No. 3, Handel Variations; Anton Kuerti, Piano Russell Lichter 08/25/2004
Curtis Fuller – BLUES-ette Craig Fitzpatrick 08/24/2004
Glenn Gould, Mozart: The Piano Sonatas Russell Lichter 08/03/2004
Astral Weeks by Van Morrison Paul Szabady 07/13/2004
Odetta - Blues Everywhere I Go Nelson Brill 07/11/2004
Nick Colionne – Just Come On In Craig Fitzpatrick 07/11/2004
Ray Brown Trio – Summer Wind: Live at the Loa Craig Fitzpatrick 06/12/2004
Daboa "From the Gekko" Nelson Brill 05/09/2004
The Great XRCD Shootout of ’04 Russell Lichter 06/25/2004
Anées de Pèlerinage Russell Lichter 06/21/2004
Mikhail Glinka: Ruslan and Lyudmila Russell Lichter 05/24/2004
Brahms: Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 73 and Tragic Overture, Op. 81, Russell Lichter 05/05/2004
Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé (Suite No. 2), Pavane pour une infante défunte, La Valse, Ma Mère l’Oye, Bolèro Russell Lichter 05/04/2004
The Who: Tommy Adam Sohmer 03/03/2004
Ginger Baker and the DJQ20 with James Carter-”Coward of the County” Nelson Brill 02/01/2004
The Beatles: Let It Be…Naked Adam Sohmer 12/27/2003
The Persuasions Sing the Beatles Nelson Brill 12/09/2003
Lou Reed, “Perfect Night: Live in London.” Nelson Brill 11/12/2003
Vivaldi, "Le Quattro Stagioni, The Four Seasons Nelson Brill 10/30/2003
Dave Isaac Steve Ekblad 10/30/2003
Chuck Pyle Steve Ekblad 10/30/2003
Big Al Downing Steve Ekblad 10/30/2003
A Love of Music Paul Szabady 10/08/2003
A Selective Sinatra Retrospective John Sprung 09/25/2003
Holiday Music to Soothe, Amuse, and Inspire Jason Serinus 12/04/2002
The Serinus Report Jason Serinus 10/07/2002
John Hicks And Gust Tsilis Jim Merod 09/10/2002
The Serinus Report Jason Serinus 09/06/2002
Karrin Allyson: In Blue Jim Merod 08/14/2002
Ellington at the Whitehouse Jim Merod 08/03/2002
Samba Jazz Fantasia Jim Merod 06/10/2002
In Italy with Regina Carter Alvester Garnett 01/06/2002
DOHNÁNYI, ANYONE? Mike Silverton 12/30/2001
The 44th Year of Monterey Jazz Jim Merod 10/01/2001
Strictly On The Record - Summer - 2001 Igir Kipnis 06/27/2001
Ken Burns Jazz Anthony Callendar 04/25/2001
Gato Barbieri At The Blue Note Hector Rosario 04/17/2001
Strictly On The Record - Christmas - 2000 Igir Kipnis 12/29/2000
Conversations with Eddie Palmieri About a "Masterpiece" Hector Rosario 10/06/2000
Tito Puente: The King of Latin Jazz Hector Rosario 07/11/2000
Kinda Blu - Spring 2000 Anthony Callendar 04/2000
Jazz Lives: Your Self Help Guide To Live Jazz James Kelly 12/30/1999
Strictly On The Record - Christmas Igir Kipnis 12/13/1999
Hello Eric! Anthony Callendar 12/13/1999
Reference Recordings Subsidiary StereoTimes Staff 12/01/1999
Art Farmer & Milt Jackson Jim Merod 10/1999
Remembering a Lyrical and Soooooo Sweet Trumpeter Anthony Callendar 09/1999
Jammin’ at the North Sea Jazz Festival ‘99 Alvester Garnett 07/15/1999
Jazz for Kids and the Newcomer Anthony Callendar 06/13/1999
Jazz for Kids and the Newcomer pt.2 Anthony Callendar 06/13/1999
Kinda Blu's Jazz Report Anthony Callendar 04/30/1999
Kinda Blu's Jazz Report Anthony Callendar 04/19/1999
Kinda Blu's Jazz Report Anthony Callendar 04/20/1999
The Jazz Scene: Spring and Summer Preview James J. Kelly 04/14/1999
Title Author Date
HiFiMAN HE-400 & HE-500 Headphones and EF-5 Amplifier Frank Alles 12/28/2012
Torus Power RM 15 PLUS Isolation Transformer Norm Luttbeg 11/29/2012
WA-Quantum Supreme Chips Norm Luttbeg 09/18/2012
Acoustic Revive RR-777 Schumann Resonance Generator Mike Silverton 09/18/2012
Acoustic Revive RAF-48H Air-Suspension Underboard Mike Silverton 09/06/2012
Herbie’s Audio Lab Super Black Hole CD Mat Mike Silverton 09/06/2012
Etymotic's wonderfully affordable model hf5 Earphones Russell Lichter 08/29/2012
Synergistic Research SR 20 Quantum Fuses Norm Luttbeg 08/29/2012
The BSG Technologies qøl™ Signal Completion Stage Clement Perry 08/13/2012
PS Audio's PerfectWaveP3 Frank Alles 07/23/2012
The Audio Magic Line of Products Dave Allison 06/04/2012
The StillPoints Ultra Five Isolation Feet and The LPI Record Isolator Norm Luttbeg 04/20/2012
WA-Quantum Supreme Loudspeaker Chips Clement Perry 04/03/2012
Life with the LessLoss Blackbodys Clement Perry 03/22/2012
Sound Application SA-1 AC Filter Norm Luttbeg 01/26/2012
Random Noise 31: HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses Mike Silverton 01/23/2012
The High End Novum PMR Premium Resonator Clement Perry 01/04/2012
SteinMusic’s H2 Harmonizers, Magic Stones and Magic Diamonds Mike Silverton 12/02/2011
Zilplex Resonant Devices Norm Luttbeg 11/28/2011
Burson Audio HA-160D David Abramson 11/28/2011
TW Acustic Raven One Turntable w/Raven AC Controller Lewis Dardick 11/18/2011
JAS Audio GP-120 Integrated Amplifier, GP-120CD CD Player and MM-3 loudspeakers Debra Goidel 10/13/2011
The CEntrance DACmini David Abramson 10/03/2011
Adona Corporation Zero GXT Equipment Rack Dave Thomas 05/17/2011
Ultra Systems HiFi-Tuning Supreme Fuses Moreno Mitchell 05/13/2011
The Steinmusic Harmonizers Dan Secula and Ron Cook 04/04/2011
Alto Extremo Neoflex Absorbers Matej Isak 03/31/2011
Kemp Elektroniks Quantum Approach Plug Dave Allison 03/28/2011
The Steinmusic DE2 CD Enhancer Billy Drummond 03/18/2011
Bybee Technologies Quantum Purifiers Russell Lichter 02/18/2011
Synergistic Research PowerCell 10SE Mk II Norm Luttbeg 01/28/2011
Revisiting Acoustic Revive’s RAS-14 AC Stabilizer Mike Silverton 12/23/2010
StillPoints Ultra SS (stainless steel) Isolation Feet Norm Luttbeg 11/15/2010
Acoustic Revive’s RAS-14 A/C Stabilizer Mike Silverton 11/01/2010
The LessLoss Blackbody Russell Lichter 07/14/2010
ZYX 4D-G/SB2 Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge Frank Alles 06/07/2010
Quantum Resonance Technology Nelson Brill 05/14/2010
NuForce Magic Cube Frank Alles 04/26/2010
Epiphany - Model Celeste Reference Stand Michael Wright 03/03/2010
LessLoss DFPC Signature Russell Lichter 09/17/2009
Audience ar6T Power Conditioner and au24 Powerchord Nelson Brill 09/14/2009
Spike Sound Will Isolation Feet Russell Lichter 08/31/2009
Bybee Wire AC Purifier Clement Perry 08/07/2009
The TTVJ Millett 307A Headphone Amplifier Les Turoczi 05/26/2009
Kemp Elektroniks SR Plug Dennis Parham 03/02/2009
Kemp Electroniks Schumann Resonance Plug Clement Perry 01/14/2009
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II Phono Preamp Frank Alles 01/02/2009
Acoustic Revive: RTP-4 Power Conditioner Russell Lichter 11/12/2008
Silent Running Audio – Tremor/Less Isolation Platform and VR Series Platforms Don Shaulis 05/16/2008
Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels Moreno Mitchell 03/18/2008
Ultra System Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse Mitch Moreno 12/20/2007
Bybee Super Effect Ultra AC Cords Clement Perry 12/20/2007
IsoTek Systems Sigmas Mains Filter Craig Fitzpatrick 12/10/2007
Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena Nelson Brill 11/18/2007
Blue Circle Audio BC6000 AC Power Filter and Conditioner Michael Wright 10/18/2007
Bybee Technologies Golden Goddess Super Effect Speaker Bullets Clement Perry 09/23/2007
Benz-Micro MC20E2 L and Ebony L Cartridges Frank Alles 09/04/2007
PS Audio Quintet and Duet Frank Alles 07/27/2007
Graham Slee Audio Project’s Gram Amp 2 Special Edition Phono Preamp Paul Szabady 05/25/2007
Shatki Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer Clement Perry 05/10/2007
DAAD (Diffusion Absorption Acoustic Devices) Jan Petter Egidius 04/17/2007
PS Audio Noise Harvester Clement Perry 04/10/2007
Bel Canto DAC3 Russell Lichter 04/09/2007
Four Must-Have Analogue Items from The Cartridge Man Paul Szabady 03/23/2007
Nordost Thor Power Distribution Center Nelson Brill 02/26/2007
Richard Gray Power Company – IsoGray Power Delivery System Bill Wells 10/16/2006
Isoclean Power’s 105F II Power Socket & Accessories Michael Wright 10/12/2006
Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator Frank Alles 08/30/2006
The Adept Response aR12 AC Conditioner Clement Perry 08/03/2006
Monarchy Audio M24 tube DAC/Line-stage Frank Alles 07/18/2006
The Stillpoints Component Stand Paul Szabady 05/25/2006
The Graham Slee Era Gold V and Elevator EXP Phono Preamplifiers Paul Szabady 10/31/2005
Magnum Dynalab DT-5 AM/FM Tuner Dave Thomas 10/05/2005
Equarack “Shelfless” System Model DW Clement Perry 09/15/2005
The Isolator from The Cartridge Man Paul Szabady 08/29/2005
Shunyata’s Hydra Model-8, Model-6, Model-2 Clement Perry 02/08/2005
Richard Gray’s Power Company RGPC SubStation Ron Nagle 01/17/2005
Acoustic System Resonators Clement Perry 11/23/2004
Walker Audio Sound Enhancers Clement Perry 09/27/2004
The Apogee Electronics Big Ben Master Clock Clement Perry & Kay Kim 09/08/2004
Z-Cable’s Z-Sleeve Standard, Ref1, and Ultra1 Power and Signal Line Conditioner - a Follow-up Michael Girardi 08/10/2004
The Ringmat Anniversary LP Record Support System Paul Szabady 06/12/2004
Harmonix RFA-78i Room Tuning Discs Marshall Nack 02/27/2003
xMatrix Pure Silver Power Purifier Clement Perry 12/30/2003
Solid Tech Rack of Silence Greg Petan 12/05/2003
Auditioning the Audio Note DAC 5 Special Constantine Soo 10/31/2003
Audiocom Superclock II and Superclock Power Supply Michael Girardi 10/24/2003
ZCable’s Z-SLEEVE v1 Line Conditioner Paul Szabady 08/13/2003
Mini Reviews of Exciting New Products Henry Wilkenson 07/26/2003
VSE Tri-Orbs Lite Standard Brett Rudploh 07/02/2003
Golden Sound Accessories Dave Thomas 05/13/2003
Foundation Research LC1 and LC2 Power Line Filtration Components Michael Girardi 03/27/2003
The Stillpoints ERS Cloth Paul Szabady 03/09/2003
The Linn LP12 Lingo updated Marshall Nack 03/09/2003
The Electrocompaniet ECD1 DAC Joe Lamano 03/03/2003
Channel Islands Audio VDA-1 DAC and VAC-1 Power Supply Greg Weaver 01/06/2003
Grand Prix "Monaco" Modular Audio Isolation System Jim Merod 12/27/2002
AudioPrism SuperNatural S2 Power Conductor Jason Serinus 12/26/2002
The Stillpoints Universal Resonance Dampers Paul Szabady 12/08/2002
Musical Meddling: CD Treatments Greg Weaver 12/04/2002
Lynx Studio Technology: The Lynx TWO PCI Audio Card Jim Merod/Steve McCormack 10/15/2002
Audiomod Upgrades to the Sony DVP-NS500V Jason Serinus 10/14/2002
Garrott Brothers OPTIM S and OPTIM FGS Phono Cartridges Paul Szabady 08/14/2002
Garrott P89 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge Paul Szabady 08/06/2002
Garrott Brothers Retipping and Stylus Replacement Paul Szabady 07/24/2002
Ganymede Vibration Control System Paul Szabady 05/22/2002
Silent Running Audio's VR Series Acoustic Isolation Platforms Mike Silverton 05/01/2002
The Audio Harmony Six Dan Dzuban 04/27/2002
Ortho Spectrum Counter Electromotive Force Absorption Speaker Filter Perry, Petan, Rivkin, Garnett & Weaver 04/14/2002
The GW Labs DSP Digital Signal Processor Henry Wilkenson 04/10/2002
Useful Modifications to the RadioShack Analog SPL Meter Tom Mallin 03/29/2002
The Mapleshade Component Support System Marshall Nack 03/22/2002
Silent Running Audio VR Series Isolation Platforms Mike Silverton 03/22/2002
Townshend Audio 3-D Seismic Sink Isolation Platform and 2-D Speaker Platform Paul Szabady 02/18/2002
Short Takes: Golden Sound Acoustic Discs, DH Cones And DH Squares Marshall Nack 12/07/2001
The Shunyata Research Hydra AC Power Distribution Center Clement Perry & Leon Rivkin 12/03/2001
The Quantum Products, Inc. ElectroClearTMModules Greg Weaver 11/23/2001
Monster Power® Home Theatre Reference PowerCenterTM HTS 5000 Dan Dzuban 10/22/2001
Echo Busters Room Treatments Marshall Nack 10/01/2001
Legend Audio Design Music Reference DAC Marshall Nack 08/13/2001
Aurios Pro and 1.2 Media Isolation Bearings Paul Szabady 07/20/2001
Headroom Total Airhead Dan Dzuban 07/13/2001
ART DI/O: Tu be, or not Tu be... Frank Alles 07/06/2001
Perpetual Technologies Constantine Soo 05/07/2001
Core Sound Microphones Les Turoczi 05/01/2001
Innovative Audio’s PolyCrystal Systems Marshall Nack 04/09/2001
Perpetual Technology ModWright "Signature" P-3A Greg Weaver 04/02/2001
Sistrum SP-6 Six Shelf & SP-1 Single Component Platform Clement Perry 03/28/2001
DPA 4003 Omnidirectional Microphone Jim Merod 03/09/2001
Quantum's ElectroClear Outlet Pods Mike Silverton 03/08/2001
Multiple Personalities Of Perpetual Technologies' P-1A / P-3A Digital Processors Marshall Nack 03/02/2001
Electronic Visionary Systems Millennium DAC 1 Tim Shea 03/01/2001
Grado’s SONATA Phono Cartridge and Other Blessings Jim Merod 02/05/2001
Perpetual Technologies Frank Alles 01/16/2001
Richard Gray's Power Company Model 1200s Line Enhancer Mike Silverton 12/15/2000
Blue "Dragonfly" Microphones Jim Merod 12/14/2000
Ortho Spectrum Tuning Devices Stephen Yan 12/06/2000
Bel Canto Design DAC-1 Frank Alles 10/02/2000
Ortho Spectrum Analogue Reconstructor Perry, Merod, Silverton & McCreary 09/19/2000
Audience Auric Illuminator Treatment and The Quantum Symphony Line Conditioners Jim Merod 09/06/2000
Lyra SPT Stylus Cleaner/Treatment Evaluation Jason Thorpe 07/26/2000
AURIOS Media Isolation Bearings Paul Szabady 06/12/2000
Birdland Audio ODEON-Lite 24-bit DAC Jim Merod 04/28/2000
Richard Gray's Power Company Model 400S A/C Line Enhancer Clement Perry 03/31/2000
Richard Gray’s Power Company StereoTimes Staff 01/05/2000
The Auric Illuminator CD Treatment Jim Dowd 01/02/2000
Zeus Headphone Amplifier & Grado RS-1 Headphones Russ Novak 12/09/1999
Argent Roomlens & Rosinante Darkmatter Isolation Stands Marshall Nack 11/29/1999
Tact RCS 2.0 AA Room Correction System Ralph Glasgal 11/03/1999
Sony MDR-DS5000 Surround Sound Headphones Willie Dawkins 10/21/1999
Another Opinion: Quantum Life Symphony Line Conditioner Mike Silverton 08/30/1999
TDS Audiophile and the Quantum Symphony AC Conditioner Marshall Nack 08/30/1999
PS Audio P300 Power Plant Frank Alles & Noel Keen 08/25/1999
Quantum Life Symphony A/C Powerline Conditioner Clement Perry 08/17/1999
The Road to Isolation, Bright Star's Way Mike Silverton 07/01/1999
The Argent Room Lens Acoustic Room Treatment Clement Perry 05/11/1999
Tweakin' with the Bybees Marshall Nack 05/02/1999
API's 112 Power Wedge Ultra Line Conditioner Jim Merod 04/27/1999
Bybee Technologies Quantum Interconnect Filters Clement Perry 04/14/1999
The Arcici Suspense Rack Noel T. Keen 04/14/1999
TDS True Dimensional Sound Enhancer Clement Perry 11/01/1998
Harmonic Recovery System by: Source Components Electronic Clement Perry 07/01/1998
Title Author Date
TW Acustic Raven One Turntable w/Raven AC Controller Lewis Dardick 11/18/2011
The George-Warren Precision Sound Turntable Dave Thomas 09/02/2011
Origin Live's Sovereign MkII Greg Petan 03/08/2011
The Origin Live Aurora Mark II Turntable Paul Szabady 07/23/2008
The Rega P3-24 Turntable Paul Szabady 01/07/2008
The Music Hall MMF-9 Turntable Ron Nagle 12/10/2004
The Music Hall MMF-7 Turntable Greg Weaver 07/08/2002
The Acoustic Signature Samba Turntable Paul Szabady 06/06/2002
Origin Live Ultra Kit Turntable Paul Szabady 05/06/2002
The Linn Lp12 Turntable System - Revisited Marshall Nack 01/28/2002
Acoustic Signature Analog One Mk II Turntable Paul Szabady 10/15/2001
Acoustic Signature Final Tool Turntable Paul Szabady 04/11/2001
Origin Live Basic Kit Turntable Paul Szabady 11/10/2000
The ELP Laser Turntable Ralph Glasgal 03/03/2000
Title Author Date
Alas, Our Brilliant Colleague Jim Merod 09/03/2002
Cable Company Announces Seventh Annual Summer Against Hunger Fund Raiser Stereo Times Staff 07/23/2002
Mourning a Rock Legend: John Entwistle Greg Weaver 06/28/2002
Silent Running Audio Will Release Tremor Less Stereo Times Staff 03/02/2002
Sophisticated Room Acoustic Modeling with CARA 2.0 Stereo Times Staff 01/12/2001
Richard Gray's Power CompanyTM Launches New, Easy to Navigate Web Site Stereo Times Staff 12/13/2000
EgglestonWorks Announces Debut Of New Reference Series Speaker Stereo Times Staff 12/01/2000
Live On-Line Chat with Matthew Polk To Launch New Polk Audio Web Site Stereo Times Staff 10/20/2000
Theta Digital Unveils High Performance Carmen DVD/CD Transport Stereo Times Staff 08/08/2000
Von Schweikert Audio Now In Business Stereo Times Staff 12/15/1999
Richard Gray’s Power Company Chosen For CBS Studio Center Listening Room Stereo Times Staff 7/21/1999
Title Author Date
2002 CES Show Report Clement Perry & Co. 01/18/2002
The Stereo Times Most Wanted Components Clement Perry 7/01/2001
Home Entertainment 2001 Highlights Frank Alles & Marshall Nack 6/04/2001
Twenty-First Century Electronics Come To Moscow Sergei Taranov 5/11/2001
2001 CES Show Report Clement Perry & Henry Wilkenson 4/16/2001
Singapore's International Sound & Sight Exhibition, part 2 Clement Perry 2/12/2001
Singapore's International Sound & Sight Exhibition, part 1 Clement Perry 2/12/2001
A Visit to Krell Steve Ekblad 1/01/2001
A Visit to SpeakerCraft Steve Ekblad 10/25/2000
The Hi-Fi Show 2000 in London Adnan Arduman 10/16/2000
Dick McCarthy's CBS Studio Press Party Jim Merod 8/07/2000
Hi-Fi & Home Theatre 2000: Moscow, Russia Sergei Taranov 4/25/2000
A First Trip to Clement's Henry Wilkenson 3/30/2000
Sin City: Part Two, Surveying CES Clement Perry 3/20/2000
A Visit to Martin Logan in Lawrence, Kansas Steve Ekblad 2/01/2000
Sin City: Part One, CES 2000 Clement Perry 1/24/2000
Dolby Labs Takes Its Show on the Road Steve Ekblad 11/21/1999
A Visit to the Home of Panamax Steve Ekblad 10/21/1999
The Hi-Fi Show - London '99 Adnan Arduman 10/10/1999
Frankfurt High End '99 Sergei Taranov 8/27/1999
CES '99 Las Vegas Show Highlights Chuck Bruce 4/14/1999
Albert Von Schweikert Visits Audio Nexus Frank Alles 11/10/1997
Video Hardware
Title Author Date
The Sunfire Theater Grand Processor III Michael Levy 05/06/2003
The Integra DLV-100 and FPV-1 Video Projection System Clement Perry 09/12/2002
The SIM2 Grand Cinema HT300 DLP Projector Greg Petan 09/10/2002
The Sharp XV-Z9000U Video Projector Michael Levy 06/10/2002
Sunfire Theater Grand Processor II Michael Levy & Martin Appel 11/20/2000
Dream Vision DLP500 Video Projector Clement Perry 06/05/2000
Car Audio
Title Author Date
Looking for Mr. Goodcar Jason Thorpe 6/20/2000
Title Author Date
JAS Audio GP-120 Integrated Amplifier, GP-120CD CD Player and MM-3 loudspeakers Debra Goidel 10/13/2011
Aurum Acoustics Integris Active 300B Fully Integrated Audio System Nelson Brill 08/18/2008
A Rega System: P25, Exact, Mira and Ela e Paul Szabady 10/28/02
The 47 Laboratory Phono Playback System Paul Szabady 03/16/01